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Ellisfield Village, Hampshire

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The page shown below is a "window" displaying the actual Parish Council Website (www.ellisfield-pc.org.uk)

As mentioned in this page's heading, the totally separate Parish Council website (www.ellisfield-pc.org.uk) is displayed within the "window" below. No parish council files are held on THIS website, except for (as from the February 3, 2014 meeting) copies of Minutes which will be available to view in the HOME page's News column (when they are supplied to this website's Editor).

Wed July 16, 2014:
Parish Council Website Files handed over to the Parish Council today

Now that the Minutes of the two May 12 Parish Council meetings have been received and the Parish Council website updated, Paul Turner has handed over to the Parish Council their website's source file and all associated folders (PDFs, images, etc.). The current website does not now need to be updated until the September 1 Agenda is published.
It is presumed that the Parish Council will, at some stage, republish the website using their original
ellisfield.gov.uk domain. In the meantime, Paul Turner has agreed to continue to provide free hosting of their current website (which will also be available to view via this page). Apart from this, he has now ceased his involvement with the Parish Council's website.

NEW Wed August 27, 2014:
Next Parish Council Meeting:
Memorial Hall on Monday, September 1, 2014 at 7.30pm

Here is a PDF of the Meeting Agenda.