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Ellisfield Village, Hampshire

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Fri June 5, 2015: Parish Council Endorses The Fox

Ellisfield Parish Council has decided to formally endorse The Fox public house and its new landlord. The official council website says:

"Be assured of a warm welcome, often with a crackling open fire, at The Fox by its new landlord; Lucy Tuffs ..."
"With over 15 years experience in the ‘pub and catering’ world, Lucy has extended the opening hours creating great freshly cooked menus."
"All are assured of a well-honed enthusiastic reception at The Fox, so why not give it a try and meet many of the regulars and visitors ..."

Tue June 2, 2015: Parish Council Vacancy

The following notice has been posted on the Ellisfield Parish Council website:

The Council has just been notified by Julian Wright that he has decided to step down. This leaves a casual vacancy and if, 10 members of the electorate call for an election, one will be held. Otherwise the vacancy will be filled by co-option.

Any resident who would like to be considered for co-option is requested to let one of the Councillors or the Clerk know by email via clerk@ellisfield.gov.uk.

Julian was on the Council for three years and the Chairman, Councillor Tim Guinness, comments; “Julian’s decision will leave a big hole. He worked tirelessly on your Council’s behalf on several important issues; most recently on trying to get BT to bring superfast broadband to Ellisfield.”

UPDATE: The official notification, dated June 4, has just been released.

EDITOR: Of course, it's always best for a parish councillor to be elected by the residents of the village, rather than be co-opted.

So, if you want to put yourself forward to be a parish councillor, you've two choices:

Sat May 23, 2015: College Lane Notice Board Moved

The parish council contracted Timberwise Fencing to move the new notice board in College Lane (near the Bell Lane junction) to a new position.

Tue May 19, 2015: Parish Council Meeting

The parish council met yesterday evening. If they followed their Meeting Agenda, a Parish Council Chairman has not been elected.

Thu May 14, 2015: Allotments Available for Residents

If you are interested in taking one or more allotment plots, contact the Parish Clerk, Christina Veasey, on 01256 397125 or email her.

Tue May 12, 2015: Recording of Parish Council Meetings

A notice has gone up in the village informing everyone that future Ellisfield Parish Council meetings may be "recorded".

Sun May 10, 2015: Parish Council Election Results

Here are the number of votes cast on Thursday, May 7, for each of the seven Ellisfield residents who were nominated to stand for election to Ellisfield Parish Council:

Caroline J. CAZENOVE .........  166 (elected)
Timothy W. N. GUINNESS ....  148 (elected)
Gavin J. PARK WEIR ............  148 (elected)
David G. RICHARDS .............  129 (elected)
Rosemary A. TAPLIN ...........  156 (elected)
Paul T. M. TURNER ..............   71
Julian P. WRIGHT ................  113 (elected)

I would like to thank all the 71 residents who voted for me."
(Thursday, May 14: "Having got something off my chest, I've removed the remainder of my statement ...")

Fri April 24, 2015: Open Letter from resident Paul Turner to Parish Council Clerk

Thursday, May 14: "For the same reason as above, this has also been removed ..."

Fri April 10, 2015: Ellisfield To Have An Election For Parish Councillors on May 7

The following Ellisfield residents have been nominated to stand for election to the Parish Council on May 7.

Caroline J. CAZENOVE
Timothy W. N. GUINNESS
Rosemary A. TAPLIN
Julian P. WRIGHT

(Full details are on the Statement of Persons Nominated and Notice of Poll document, issued by Basingstoke & Deane's Returning Officer.)

An election is taking place in Ellisfield because there are 7 nominations for the 6 places on the Council.
Of the 36 parish councils in the Basingstoke & Deane area, 30 had the same number of nominations as there were places to fill and so an election will not be taking place.
Surprisingly, 2 parishes (Newfound and Nutley) had no nominations for the two places each had to fill.
As well as Ellisfield, 3 other parishes (Chineham, Steventon and Upton Grey) will be having elections.

Monday March 16, 2015: Parish Council Meeting (Refusal to reveal which councillors are re-standing for election)

In the Open Forum, a resident's request for parish councillors to state whether or not they intended to stand for re-election on May 7 was refused by the meeting chairman, Cllr Julian Wright.
EDITOR: This is a perennial problem. In 2003, four councillors decided not to re-stand but no-one knew of their decision. Consequently, only two councillors handed in nomination papers (Sally Adams and Paul Turner) and the village had the embarrassment of having to have a Basingstoke & Deane officer seconded to us in order for the first meeting to be quorate.

Tue March 10, 2015: "New Look" Parish Council Website

The contents (text, images, Minutes, Newsletters, etc.) of the original Parish Council website, created by Paul Turner, have been ported to a new "skin". The layout and look of the new Parish Council website (see below) is so different from the original that there will now no longer be confusion between it and THIS Community Website.
EDITOR: The theme of this WordPress site has a very clean, bright and uncluttered design. I like that it's variable width and "responsive". It will allow the Parish Clerk to amend and update content without having to deal with the complexities of the coding. Well done Charlie Hellewell, a great job.

Wed January 28, 2015:

click to display larger image ...Aclick to display larger image ...t the January 26, 2015 parish council meeting, Mrs Christina Veasey (the "s" is pronounced as a "z") was appointed as the new Ellisfield Parish Council Clerk. Mrs Veasey (pictured left) was an RAF Squadron Leader and is from Dummer. She has never been a Parish Clerk or Councillor but was heavily involved with Dummer's Village Design Statement (which was adopted by Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council as supplementary planning guidance for the parish in February 2004).
Jacqui Matthews (
pictured right), retiring Parish Clerk, was thanked for her ten and a half years service and presented with a shrub for her garden.
Click on pictures to display larger versions.)

Shown below is a "window" displaying the actual Parish Council Website (www.ellisfield.gov.uk)