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Ellisfield Village, Hampshire

Website Contact: Paul Turner, Editor (01256 381269 or email HERE)                                      Ellisfield.Org.Uk: A Community Website

The page shown below is a "window" displaying the actual Parish Council Website (www.ellisfield.gov.uk)

Jacqui Matthews, Ellisfield Parish Council Clerk, stated in the Basingstoke Gazette on Thursday, 16th October 2014:

"WEBSITE restored: Thanks to Charlie Hellewell, who on behalf of the
parish council has worked hard to restore the ellisfield.gov.uk website."

There follows a summary of events:

Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council decided to withdraw from hosting the original ellisfield.gov.uk website. Six new pages of Parish Council information were designed, created, maintained and hosted free of charge from December 2012, by Ellisfield resident Paul Turner, as pages within this Ellisfield Community website.

In November 2013, the Parish Council expressed concerns about their information being within this Community website, so Paul Turner moved their pages out and into a totally separate website with a new ellisfield-pc.org.uk domain (the "window" below was created so that visitors to this website could view Parish Council information without having to access ellisfield-pc.org.uk). From November 2013 to July 2014, this separate Parish Council website was hosted and maintained by Paul Turner, again free of charge.

Then, when the Parish Council finally wanted it ported to ellisfield.gov.uk they decided to not ask Paul Turner to do this work (he had estimated that this transfer would take 10 minutes as only the ftp name and password needed changing) or to continue adding new agendas, minutes and newsletters. So, Paul Turner passed all his website source code, along with the images, PDFs and detailed maintenance instructions, to the Parish Clerk on 16th July 2014. He agreed to continue hosting and maintaining the ellisfield-pc.org.uk site (again free of charge) until the transfer had been accomplished by another volunteer.

This situation continued for almost three months until 9th October 2014 when Mrs Charlie Hellewell of Woodside, Axford Road announced that the ellisfield.gov.uk website had gone live.

It should be noted that the "restored" ellisfield.gov.uk website shown below is exactly the SAME unaltered website that was created by Paul Turner. So, after 11 months, we're back to square one. The only difference is the domain name and the fact that Ellisfield Parish Council (ie, Ellisfield residents) are now paying for the website to be hosted (the yearly fee is currently unknown).