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Ellisfield Village Association (EVA)

Ellisfield countrysideEllisfield Village AssociationEVA is an association for residents in all parts of Ellisfield – our focus is on the environment and countryside in and around the village. It was formed after Ellisfield had been buffeted by a number of planning applications both within the village and on land nearby.

Concerned that these applications would increase in the current planning climate, we felt that there was a need for an organisation to allow us to share expertise in protecting our village from inappropriate development. We also saw an opportunity to celebrate our village environment and get together to plan projects for the future.

EVA will be positive, proactive and creative. EVA will work together with other Ellisfield societies and groups to fulfil these aims.

EVA’s aims are:

EVA’s Mission Statement is “To Protect, Appreciate and Enhance Ellisfield and its surrounding landscape”.

If you would like to join, please email Hannah Houstin-Lacey (click HERE). The EVA year is April to March.


The following were elected (and re-elected) at the June 29, 2016 AGM:


Dee Haas


Alison Swanston (appointed at April 2015 AGM)


Tony Simons

Committee Members

Susie Deane
Katie Spraggs




Annual General Meeting, held on June 29, 2016

Details of this meeting can be found on the Ellisfield Parish Council website.

Annual General Meeting, held on April 8, 2015

Dee Haas was re-elected as Chairman and Tony Simons as Treasurer. Hannah Houstin-Lacey retired as Secretary and the position was filled by Alison Swanston. (As Alison is currently EVA's representative on the Memorial Hall Committee, a new representative will be chosen at EVA's first committee meeting.) Joanne Thomas was appointed, and both Susie Deane and Katie Spraggs were re-appointed, as committee members.

EVA's 2015 AGM (Hannah Houstin-Lacey, Dee Haas and Tony Simons)In her Annual Report (click to view), Dee reviewed EVA's actions in response to the proposed increase in traffic movements at the Veolia green waste recycling plant and at Barfoot's Anaerobic Digester site (both at the top of Busheywarren Lane). Work is continuing on the long term project of creating a cycle and walking track between Alton and Basingstoke using parts of the old railway track. Dee also stated that EVA will continue to support other campaigns where relevant to Ellisfield, such as Keep Hampshire Green’s opposition to windfarms at Bullington Cross and Woodmancott.

Tony Simons, Treasurer, explained that little expenditure had occurred in the 2014/15 year and so the Association's closing bank balance had improved by over £200. He stated that the membership fee was still £5 per property but that additional donations were welcomed.

Wednesday March 18, 2015:
Busheywarren Lane's Anaerobic Digester - HCC Hearing of Planning Application

Hampshire County Council’s Regulatory Committee voted to accept Barfoot Energy’s planning application to double HGV traffic and increase input to the AD site on Bushywarren Lane. The vote was close, seven Councillors for and seven Councillors against. The decision depended upon the Chairman’s casting vote.

The Chairman commented upon the high number of objections, including from Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council and Herriard Parish Council. He highlighted concern about traffic, both at the A339 junction and in Bushywarren Lane. However, he also explained that if Highways had no problem with the application, the Committee would have no legal footing to refuse the application which would lay them open to an appeal which, in today’s climate, would inevitably be turned over by the Inspector. Considerable costs would then be charged to HCC.

EVA thanks everyone who wrote in to object. The high number of objections did make a big difference. We are most grateful to Councillors Mark Kemp-Gee and Anna McNair Scott who argued strongly against the application. Patricia Pegg from Herriard gave an excellent ecological report showing a 12% reduction in dormice since the AD was built and Dee Haas spoke about digestate figures and traffic concerns.

We now have 70% of Hampshire’s AD plants concentrated into our local area (5% of Hampshire) but HCC has no planning policy for siting AD sites.

Annual General Meeting, held on March 26, 2014

EVA's AGM went well, with all the formalities being tackled at a decent speed!

Dee Haas was re-elected as Chairman, Hannah Houstin-Lacey as Secretary and Tony Simons as Treasurer. Alison Swanston was appointed as EVA's representative on the Memorial Hall Committee and both Susie Deane and Katie Spraggs were re-appointed as committee members.

Dee Haas, EVA ChairmanIn her report, Dee (see right) proposed investigating the possibility of opening up the old Basingstoke to Alton railway line as a bridleway and cycle path. She also suggested that EVA conduct a survey of village trees lost in the recent storms with the aim of replanting where possible.

Under "Any Other Business" there was a suggestion by Nicky Palmer that residents still displaying Waste Not Wanted signs be asked to take them down as that campaign had finished, with EVA now taking on a consultative role with the operator of the Anaerobic Digester plant.

Friday February 21, 2014:
Email from EVA sent to residents regarding a Planning Application for the Veolia Composting Site

"We are writing to let you know about a proposal by Veolia (the composting company at the junction of Bushywarren Lane and the A339) to extend their remit to include animal bedding (particularly from Marwell Zoo) containing straw and animal bi-product.

"We are concerned that Veolia is already having trouble dealing with the runoff of leachate from their composting operations, using tankers to collect the liquid and spray it onto the surrounding woods and fields. Veolia also, currently, have frequent queues of lorries waiting to enter the site. We have written to ask that HCC (Hampshire County Council) take enforcement action to remedy these issues before any additional material is contemplated. The site is not suitable for composting because it is a wetland and has naturally poor drainage.

"If you agree that this additional material could exacerbate the problems we already have, please spare the time to visit the planning portal and read the new application from Veolia (no. 14/00182/CMA). Direct your objection or comments to Rob Storey's email at planning@hants.gov.uk so these can be logged on the planning system and on file. The deadline for your objection or comment is Tuesday, 25th February. For your information, here is EVA’s letter of objection."

EVA Countryside Art Exhibition, held on July 5/6/7, 2013

Ellisfield Village Association (EVA) held an art exhibition in the Memorial Hall to celebrate the Landscape and Environment of Ellisfield. EVA invited Local Residents (and those with a close connection to the village) to participate by submitting art works in the following categories;
Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Photography, Film, Collage, Poetry, Writing, Embroidery, Decorated Cakes - in fact, any way you wanted to represent how you feel about our environment.

The whole village was invited to attend the opening party on the Friday night (July 5) between 6.30pm and 8.30pm (delicious food and wine was provided). The exhibition was also open from 10am to 4pm on the Saturday (July 6) and 11am to 1.30pm on the Sunday (July 7).

AGM, held on November 23, 2012

In a hall decorated with bunting, EVA’s first AGM was well attended.

Ellisfield Village Association - AGM (Dee Haas and CPRE Speaker)The chairman, Dee Haas (pictured left), spoke about the recent campaigns fought by residents against the Solar Power Station and Anaerobic Digester on Bushywarren Lane. She said “I am sure you are all very aware of the work that went into the fight [against the AD Plant] – both campaigning under the Waste Not Wanted banner and also hours of research put in by a huge number of people. I want to thank all of you here tonight for the work you put in and for the donations generously given”.

At the close of her address, Dee proposed two new initiatives:

Finally, Dee stated that “We hope that EVA will go on to be of benefit to Ellisfield and our surrounding countryside for many years to come”.

The treasurer, Tony Simons, thanked all those who contributed to the Waste Not Wanted campaign and mentioned that he intended to explore the possibility of applying for appropriate grants to help in the running of the Association. A financial statement was handed out.

The guest speaker, Peter Bedford of CPRE (pictured with EVA chairman, above left), then gave an interesting talk about their work and some of the planning issues faced by rural communities at the moment. This was following by a lively Q&A session.

After the meeting, there was a raffle draw and all enjoyed some wine, snacks and good conversation.


Susie Deane’s
Ellisfield Booklet

The image on the right is the cover of a booklet of watercolours created by Susie Deane for the Art Exhibition held by the Ellisfield Village Association over three days (5-7 July, 2013).

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