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Ellisfield Memorial Village Hall

Ellisfield's Memorial Village Hall was built in 1920 to commemorate the fallen in World War 1 (see Remembrance Plaque below) and is situated opposite St Martin's Church in Church Lane, Ellisfield RG25 2QR.

It has seen many changes to its interior and structure over the years (the last update saw the right-hand side being extended to incorporate new toilets and a wheelchair ramp being constructed at the front).

The Hall is (along with The Fox public house!) a hub of Ellisfield's social life.  As well as "old faithfuls" such as the Village Barbecue, Village Supper (aka the Harvest Festival Supper), Christmas Fayre and the Wine Walk, the hall committee also organise ad-hoc events.

Village organisations (eg, the Parish Council, Horticultural Society, Ladies Club, Village Association and Volunteer Group) hold regular meetings and AGMs there and the Hall is available for hire by residents and non-residents alike.

PDF: 1950 Document - Summary of the Trust Deed (450Kb)
PDF: 1976 Document - Charity (registration no. 252,555) Scheme Document (2.5Mb)

PDF: September, 2016 - Ellisfield Memorial Hall’s Risk Assessment
PDF: September, 2016 - Ellisfield Memorial Hall’s Health & Safety Policy
PDF: September, 2016 - Ellisfield Memorial Hall’s Equality & Diversity Policy
PDF: September, 2016 - Ellisfield Memorial Hall’s Child and Vulnerable Adults Safeguarding Policy
PDF: September, 2016 - Ellisfield Memorial Hall’s Hall Hire Agreement


Mr Ray Reed (Chairman)  Tel: 01256 381613
Upper Common Cottage, Green Lane, Ellisfield RG25 2QW

Ali Swanston (Secretary)  Tel: 01256 381171
Oakhill, Green Lane, Ellisfield RG25 2QL

Mr Gordon Dunse (Bookings Secretary)
Mobile: 07843 344612

>>>>>>>> Bookings can also be made online. Click HERE to access the Bookings Website <<<<<<<<


The hall is very versatile and has been used for numerous events including; meetings, lectures, Christmas parties, wedding receptions, buffets, cooking demonstrations, village shows, family gatherings and Yoga classes.

The hall will accommodate 80 people sitting in ‘Theatre Style’ or there are 10 tables that will allow the hall to be set-up for the same number of people for meetings or parties, whilst still allowing space for circulation and access to the kitchen and gardens.

Facilities include:

The hire charge is £15 per hour (for Ellisfield Residents’ personal use, Village Groups and Regular Users it is £9 per hour).

For more information and bookings, please contact the Bookings Secretary, Mr Gordon Dunse
Mobile: 07843 344612

>>>>>>>> Bookings can also be made online. Click HERE to access the Bookings Website <<<<<<<<


(Non scheduled)


Saturday, November 10, 2018: A celebration of the end of the First World War

REMEMBERING the Ellisfield men commemorated by Ellisfield’s Memorial Hall.

Welcome Drink
Talk by Gordon Dunse on the men whom the Hall commemorates
Two Course Dinner
Songs with the Belles of St Martin’s
Period Costumes & Dancing optional

During the day the Hall was decorated by Ellisfield children (and the young at heart). The picture on the right is the Remembrance Plaque which is on display in the Memorial Hall. (Click on the image to view the larger version.)

The details of the 10 men who lost their lives in the Great War were on display over the weekend in the Memorial Hall. These details can now also be viewed, as a PDF, by clicking HERE.
The PDF is just under 5Mb so, depending upon your internet connection’s speed, may take a little while to download.)

Saturday, July 22, 2017: Ellisfield Village Barbecue

EDITOR: There was a barbecue. No report has been provided.

Monday, June 12, 2017: Memorial Hall Revamp Article

The latest edition of the Basingstoke & Deane Today magazine has an article on the recent £17,000 Local Infrastructure Fund grant. There is an excellent picture of Susie Deane, Tracey Gilvear and Rose Taplin. To view the article, click on the picture beloClick image to view the article ...w.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017: Memorial Hall AGM

Here is a copy of last year’s AGM Minutes and here is an Agenda for this AGM.

Thu December 22, 2016: Memorial Hall Refurbishment

Good news. The Memorial Hall's bid for a grant (see the September 14 News Item below) to improve the heaters, electrics and kitchen has been successful. It’s reported that the Committee is delighted with being able to use the £17,000 to properly update the hall’s facilities.

Tue November 29, 2016: Saturday’s Christmas Fayre

Susie Deane reports:

The Christmas Fayre on Saturday was a success, with over £2,000 raised, and with a visit from Father Christmas too.
The Hamper was won by P.C. Andrew Reid's sister in law and the fantastic cake baked by Celia Lunn was won by April Carroll, who guessed the weight of 9lb exactly.

Wed September 14, 2016: Memorial Hall Improvements

The Memorial Hall Committee is applying for a Local Infrastructure Fund grant. This comes from the Government but is handled locally by Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council.

The application will cover improvements to the hall: an upgrade of electrics, lighting and heaters, renewal of the fire safety exit door, renewal of glass panes between kitchen and hall (to be safety glass but will look very similar) and a new kitchen.

The last grant received was in 1999 and it is becoming a ‘Cinderella’ hall compared to our neighbouring villages.

The heaters, now 26 years old, make cracking noises as the metal cools or heats (see picture left, showing the proposed new infra red heater that is currently on trial in the Hall).

The kitchen (see right) is rather dilapidated and in need of an up-date.

It is also proposed to purchase a defibrillator to be sited at the Memorial Hall in the same way as those that can be seen at Preston Candover and Upton Grey.

The Parish Council has stated that it is fully supportive of the grant application.

Fri June 10, 2016: Ellisfield Wine Walk

(Report not received …)

Wed June 8, 2016: Annual General Meeting

(Report not received …)

Fri June 19, 2015: Ellisfield Wine Walk

From Joanne Thomas and Susie Deane:

This year, we had a beautiful summer's evening and there was a great mix of residents walking around the village.

Each host had made a huge (and generous) effort to bring to life the country associated with their wine. Ali & Andy (South Africa) had Simba napkins (from the Jungle Book), Caroline & Bernard had books, paintings and played music from New Zealand and Dee & Richard (Argentina) had the music and spicy food. Sue & Phil Self (hosting for Australia) had a crocodile in their pond (!) and visitors were serenaded by Phil playing the didgeridoo …

The proceeds of the evening, after the cost of the wine had been deducted, was £431.55. Helen Davies was the winner of the quiz (see picture of Mark Thomas presenting her with her bottle of bubbly).

Mon May 11, 2015: Annual General Meeting


Susie Deane stepped down as Treasurer and Helen Davies (née Van de Meer), a fully qualified accountant, was elected to the position. Joanne Thomas was re-elected as Secretary.
Tony Matthews was re-elected as Bookings Secretary.


The committee comprises:

Ray Reed, Chairman (representing Ellisfield Volunteer Group)

Rev. Stephen Mourant (Rector, Ex-Officio Member)
Bernard Cazenove (Churchwarden, Ex-Officio Member)

Rose Taplin (Ellisfield Parish Council)
Ali Swanston (representing Ellisfield Village Association)
Tracey Gilvear (representing Ellisfield Ladies)
Meg Freeman (representing Horticultural Society)
Susie Deane - subject to ratification (representing Ellisfield Parochial Church Council)

Fri February 6, 2015: Memorial Hall £5,000 Bequest

Susie Deane reports:

"The Memorial Hall has received a generous bequest of £5,000 from the estate of Sally Adams (right). The committee is very grateful for her kindness and will use the bequest in a way to reflect Sal's great contribution to and love of Ellisfield."

EDITOR: For the interest of newcomers to the village, Sally (who died last May) lived at her parents' house Wyckens, an original Ellisfield bungalow, now redeveloped, on the corner of the Axford Road and College Lane. Although she spent time at her house in Clapham, Sally was always in Ellisfield as much as possible and was one of the prominent residents of this village. If a village event did not have Sally present, her absence was always felt and remarked upon!

Mon August 4, 2014:

To commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the beginning of the 1914-18 World War, here is the Remembrance Plaque which is on display in Ellisfield's Memorial Hall (click on the image to view the larger versioClick to view the larger version ...n).

Tue July 29, 2014:
Sunday's Memorial Hall Barbecue

Report by Susie Deane:

The weather was perfect and it was a happy occasion, 88 people came! Phil Self co-ordinated a great team - thanks go to Phil, Howard Nason, Tony Matthews, Seumas Foster and David Cross.

The butterfly leg of lamb seems to have been the most popular item from the barbecue. It was blisteringly hot by the barbecue but the cooking team were very good humoured. Meg Freeman and Tracey Gilvear were sterling workers in the kitchen. Joanne Thomas organised a brilliant raffle which raised £219.

Graham Simpson arrived late (after a bicycle race) and propped his fine red racing bike rather too near the table of raffle prizes ... so the first prize drawn from the tombola drum was A Red Racing Bike - quickly claimed by Diane Sandeman!

Wed February 19, 2014:
Statement by the Chairman of the Memorial Hall Committee

"The Ellisfield Memorial Hall Management Committee would like to announce the retirement of two key members who have together served an astonishing 43 years.

"Jane Evans has served 27 years as Bookings Officer, a title which does not do justice to the many and varied tasks she undertook. The village owe her a great deal for her hard work and devoted service over all these years.

"Christine Turner has served 16 years as Treasurer. She always produced detailed accounts for each Committee Meeting, which even the numerically challenged could easily comprehend. The Hall is in good financial health, due largely to Christine's careful management of our finances.

"On behalf of all those who use and enjoy our Hall, a big thank you to Jane and Christine."

Ray Reed, Chairman

Wed January 29, 2014:
Two Resignations from the Ellisfield Memorial Hall Committee

Jane Evans and Christine Turner have resigned from the Memorial Hall Committee. Jane has served as the hall's Bookings Secretary for 27 years and Christine for 16 years as Treasurer.

Tony Matthews (381149) has agreed to take on the role of Bookings Secretary.
Susie Deane (381261) will become Treasurer, with another Ellisfield Village Association representative to be nominated to take her place on the Committee.

Tue October 15, 2013:
Memorial Hall - Reduced Hourly Rates

It was decided at the meeting of the Memorial Hall Committee that the Hire Charges would be reduced to £9 per hour for Ellisfield Residents’ personal use, Village Groups and Regular Users, with all other hirers being charged £15 per hour.

To book the Hall for a party or event, contact Tony Matthews (01256 381149).

Sat July 20, 2013 (and updated Mon July 22, 2013):
Another Successful Wine Walk

Jane Evans has calculated that 75 residents were on Friday evening’s Wine Walk. After expenses, the event raised £330 which will go towards the upkeep of the Memorial Hall.

Congratulations to the hosts Ed and Laura (Mulberry House), Howard and Jayne (Woodfalls) and Graham and Diane (Foxhill House) for making everyone feel so welcome and a big thank you to the Memorial Hall committee members for organising this event:

Jane Evans for storing the wine, laminating  notices and putting them up in the village notice boards, distributing the wine and soft drinks to the hosts and picking up and returning the glasses to Sainsbury’s.
Christine Turner for buying the wine, distributing (with Jane) the wine and soft drinks to the hosts, organising floats for the hosts and counting/banking the takings.
Susie Deane for creating the flyer.
Ray Reed for organising the printing of the flyers.
Joanne Thomas, Travey Gilvear and Meg Freeman (also non-committee members Alison Swanston and Ted Dowson) for delivering the flyers and selling tickets.

EDITOR: Events such as this strengthen the community spirit of our village, as evidenced by the number of residents “walking the Walk”, the hosts who opened their gardens (and generously supplied excellent “nibbles”) and the nine volunteers (see above) who all did their part in organising this event.

Sat May 25, 2013:
Memorial Hall Committee

At Friday evening’s AGM, the following were elected and appointed to these positions:
   Joanne Thomas (Secretary)
   Christine Turner (Treasurer)
   Jane Evans (Bookings Secretary)

As well as the three “ex-officio” committee members:
   Rector (Rev. Stephen Mourant)
   Churchwarden (Bernard Cazenove)
   Churchwarden (Peter Chilton)
the nominated representatives of the following village organisations were formally appointed:
   Horticultural Society (Meg Freeman)
   Ladies Club (Tracey Gilvear)
   Parish Council (Cllr Rose Taplin)
   Village Association (Susie Deane)
   Volunteer Group (Ray Reed)
and Ray Reed agreed to take the Chairmanship (this will be ratified formally at the Hall’s next committee meeting).

EDITOR: Now that, for the first time in many years, the Memorial Hall has a full complement of committee members prepared to give of their time, I am sure that everyone will agree that we look forward to seeing the Hall regain its status in the village.

Ellisfield's Memorial Hall