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Jane Hannah, Neighbourhood Watch CoordinatorJNeighbourhood Watch Signane Hannah (right) of Hill Farm Cottage in Green Lane has taken over from Hannah Houstin-Lacey as our Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator.

Jane can be contacted on 381138 (mobile number: 07802 788 833) or by email HERE.


Hannah and Jane have emailed out a notice explaining the handover. I have reformatted it and converted it from a Word document to a PDF for this website. To display this PDF, please click HERE.

PC Andrew ReidOur Area Beat Officer is PC Andy Reid 3746 (pictured left). He lives in the Police House in Preston Candover.

If you wish to speak to Andy personally on a non-urgent matter or where he has asked for informatiom, he can be reached at home on 01256 389050 or on his mobile number which is 07768 776 844.

Obviously, neither of these numbers should be used in an emergency (use 999) or where you want to report something suspicious (use 101) or where you have a general police enquiry (use 0845 045 4545).

In the event of any emergency, ALWAYS dial 999

Basingstoke Police Station  

London Road, Basingstoke RG21 4AD (email: basingstoke.police@hampshire.pnn.police.uk)
The Enquiry Office is open 7am to Midnight.

Hampshire Constabulary Headquarters

West Hill, Winchester, Hants SO22 5DB (Email:postmaster@hampshire.pnn.police.uk / Website: www.hampshire.police.uk)

Hampshire Neighbourhood Watch Association

More information can be obtained on their website which is www.hantsnwa.org.uk.

Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for Hampshire

The website www.hampshire-pcc.gov.uk/Home.aspx has information on Simon Hayes, the first PCC for Hampshire.

Area Co-ordinators

IVillage Map - Neighbourhood Watch Areasf you have a query or wish to report something specific to an area, don’t
hesitate to talk to the relevant area coordinator, as follows:

Neighbourhood Watch - Scheme 263Ellisfield Green (Scheme 263)
Northgate Lane, The Green & Green Lane (top third)

RG25 2QW, RG25 2QQ, RG25 2QP, RG25 2QS, RG25

Caroline Cazenove (381279)
Email: Click HERE

Neighbourhood Watch - Scheme 300Upper College Lane, Bell Lane & Church Lane (Scheme 300)

RG25 2QD, RG25 2QE, RG25 2QR

Keith Galbraith (07941 961 505)
Email: Click HERE

Neighbourhood Watch - Scheme 299Lower Common (Scheme 299)
Green Lane (middle part)

RG25 2QL, RG25 2QJ, RG25 2QN

Hannah Houstin-Lacey (381863)
Email: Click HERE

Neighbourhood Watch - Scheme 090Axford Road (Scheme 090)
Green Lane (lower), Axford Road & College
Lane (lower)

RG25 2QG, RG25 2QF, RG25 2QQ, RG25 2HG

Charlie (Charlotte) Hellewell (381???)
Email: Click HERE

Remember: If something (or someone) looks suspicious, telephone 101
or PC Reid on one of his numbers above.
If it looks urgent, ring 999.

Ellisfield Neighbourhood Watch Overview

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"Jane’s Watch" (posted to this website on Apri 14, 2019)

Dear Residents.

A plea to all Residents if, unfortunately, you are a victim of crime please report it!

Recently in our area, albeit not in the area covered by this magazine, a secure office and compound was broken into and an item valued at £40 stolen. For some reason, no-one called the Police! The thieves appear to have used this as a “dummy run” as they returned some weeks later, broke in again and stole property valued at £8,000.

Had the Police been made aware, enquiries could have been made, CCTV of local residents and police related cameras, etc. checked. Reporting crime, any crime, is also really important as the Police need to know what is happening in their communities. Where as a result of crime resources need to be targeted, check to see if it is part of a series of similar crimes and, as in this case, similar local businesses could have been pre-warned. Please report all crime via 101, online at www.hampshire.police.uk or give PC Reid a call directly.

More locally between March 9 and 11, a garage at a bungalow in Green Lane, Ellisfield under renovation was broken into. If anyone saw vehicles or people at the premises out of normal working hours please call PC Reid directly – thank you.

Just out of our area in Oakley there have been several thefts from vehicles in the early hours of the morning. Predominately it is works vans that are being targeted, a black estate car, similar to a BMW, has been seen with two men loading up tools stolen from works vans. If you use a van for work please take tools out at night but if this is not possible try to park the vehicle with the doors against a wall or close to another vehicle to stop the rear doors being opened.

Finally, now we are into spring please be aware of the seasonal increase in theft of tools from garden sheds and items usually handbags from parked cars in our beauty spots. For expensive tools please mark them and record serial numbers and for valuable items please take photographs.

For parked vehicles please DO NOT leave any items in the car which could be stolen, remove sat-navs and any electrical items that thieves using equipment can now detect in your vehicle, even in the boot.

Many thanks, for all your vigilance and support as always!

Jane Hannah

Jane’s Contact Details:
Landline: 01256 381138, Mob: 07802 788 833
Email: jane.hannah1@btinternet.com

NEW Tue April 2, 2019: Neighbourhood Watch Alert

Tel: 01256 389050

Mobile: 07768 776844

Email: andrew.reid@hampshire.pnn.police.uk

Dear Residents.

A couple of things to mention and both are within the Candovers.

The first was between 7.00pm and 8.15pm on Saturday March 30 when two men were seen with a stolen ladder looking into a first floor bedroom at a house in Chilton Candover. The men were disturbed before they could force their way into the property. I ask if anyone was in Dundridge Lane, Chilton Candover, between these times on this day and saw any vehicle or suspicious people in that area, to please give me a call direct.

I wish to remind all residents NOT to leave items such as insecure ladders or garden tools (shovels, spades, etc.) out in their gardens as burglars will use your items to break into your home.

The second thing happened overnight of Sunday March 31 and Monday April 1 when someone went off a by-way, came across a ‘Larson trap' in an isolated rural area and duly smashed it up causing criminal damage. These traps are lawful and it is an extremely stupid thing to do when you consider that by causing this damage the offender risks a criminal conviction! These traps are used across our area to lawfully control vermin and for nature conservation of our song birds and, due to such damage, now have CCTV monitoring them.

If anyone can assist with either of the above crimes please give me a call direct.

Many thanks, Andy

"Jane’s Watch" (posted to this website on March 12, 2019)

Dear Residents.

Recently we appear to be the centre of attention when it comes to suspicious callers and telephone scams!

On February 26, late in the afternoon, a white Mercedes van registration BD06 CVH containing two Eastern European men were seen on private property in Church Lane, Ellisfield. They were looking into a skip for scrap metal. On the same day PC Reid received similar reports that the van had been seen in Lasham and suspects it was involved in the theft of scrap metal in Preston Candover some weeks before. Anyone who has any scrap metal is urged to keep it out of the way to prevent theft and therefore you get what it’s worth rather than a thief.

On March 6, a white van belonging to a fish seller was also seen in Ellisfield. A Resident called to complain as the man selling was ‘pushy’ towards them when they said no they were not interested. Obviously, with such callers, Residents need to be wary. Please ensure you ask about hygiene standards, how old the fish is, etc. This seller was from Essex so how long had the fish been in the van? Is the fish in ice, was the van adapted to carry frozen goods or keep the goods cold? There are professional fish sellers who use professional standards and vehicles.

Some Residents, whilst having avoided the type of people calling above, have been the target of phone scammers. Sadly, the list of phone scams is endless. Action Fraud (telephone number 0300 123 2014) are the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau which is run by the City of London Police and Hampshire Trading Standards do update Residents on the latest scams.

One recently reported is from a security company who state crime is rising in your area. This is untrue, in fact across PC Reid’s beat area last year it fell. They will encourage you to look at products for security monitoring, etc. Please do not be pushed into purchasing expensive security equipment by a caller pushing the fear of crime. Also, as April is upon us, we can expect the usual Tax Return scam. HMRC do not initially make contact by email requesting monies to be sent. Always look at the email address to verify whether it’s from HMRC with a gov.uk address. If you have any concerns at all please do not answer it, contact PC Reid or trading standards.

A message from PC Reid:

“On a personal note may I thank all those who kindly have sent me a congratulation regarding the award I received from the Hampshire High Sheriff after a nomination from the Candovers Parish Council. The award is gratefully appreciated; however, I believe that I have the best policing job in Hampshire and it is my local residents that continue to support me that allow me to provide as dedicated service as I can. Equally we all pay our council tax and should have a decent policing service. Thank you for all your support and to my team of Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators.”

On behalf of us all, PC Reid - Congratulations and a big thank you for all you do!

Finally, many thanks to residents for all your vigilance and support as always.

Jane Hannah

Jane’s Contact Details:
Landline: 01256 381138, Mob: 07802 788 833
Email: jane.hannah1@btinternet.com

"Jane’s Watch" (posted to this website on January 16, 2019)

From PC Andrew Reid:

Dear Residents.

I am pleased to report a general reduction of twenty-four reported crime across the whole of my inner beat area consisting of the former beat area BW02, and covering the twenty-two parishes from the Candovers to Newnham south of the M3.

I am further pleased to report a reduction of homes being broken into with five reported. Of these five three, were preventable, two being unlocked homes and one was to steal car keys that were clearly visible to see on the hall table. Another home was in the process of being built and had no resident and the last resulted in a man being arrested and charged for the offence.

For the area of your Parish the following crimes were levels were reported in 2018:

Ellisfield: 6 (2017 was 10)
Cliddesden: 17 (2017 was 25)
Dummer: 22 (2017 was 28)
Farleigh Wallop: 6 (2017 was 8)

Each spring brings me three things that are more prevalent than other seasons.

First is an increase in livestock worrying especially sheep. May I also remind all residents who have dogs that the lambing season is again beginning and we have seen an increase in sheep numbers across our area. Most years I report sheep worrying in our area, I urge all residents to make sure their dogs are on leads near livestock and that they remain on designated footpaths. Farmers do have authority to shoot dogs involved in worrying livestock on farm land, and sadly most dogs will chase sheep if not under control even if only the dog thinks it is a game, but to sheep it is deadly. Please keep YOUR dog under control and on a lead near livestock.

My second problem is garden shed and outbuildings being broken into. Last year this was only one of the two types of crimes that increased and whilst happening all year round, spring seems to show an increase. Two years back we had the spate of such crime with reports of 5/6 in a night in some areas. I ask please keep sheds secure, use good locks and hasps, record and photograph expensive garden machinery and use marking such as postcodes engraved onto them and consider a shed alarm which can be battery operated and very effective.

My third problem is theft from parked cars in our beautiful area. As spring comes please if you park your car in the countryside do not leave any electrical device, such as laptops, etc. in the boot and do not put the handbag under the seat as this is the first place they look. Park your car in a busy area with other walkers being about or leave it in the village and walk from there. We do have criminals who will be out and about in our beauty spot areas, just like the criminals who stole the car from the burglary later used in the theft of a cash machine from Swindon. Sadly they are always about and will never miss an opportunity if you give it to them.

Many thanks as always.

PC Andrew Reid

“Jane’s Watch" (posted to this website on November 13, 2018)

From PC Andrew Reid:

Dear Residents.

I am pleased to say that there has been no reported crime of note across the areas of the Hill & Dale magazine, other than a farm tractor was used to ram a door at a farm near the A33 at Dummer overnight of November 7/8.

However, in not too far away Oakley there have been two further house burglaries. In one the home owners car was stolen and in the second the burglar(s) have placed an article through the letter box and pulled the door handle which opened the door! This type of entry is preventable, inside your house simply place a cover over the letter box, lock the door so even with the handle it will not open or just take the handle off and turn it around to opposite the normal way of opening, hence turn it another way to open.

On many plastic external doors the letter box is in line or not far from the lock and handle so please be aware that some burglars will actually place their arm through a letter box to open the door. Other things I have known used include a fishing rod used to ‘catch’ keys left on the unit in the hallway where people often place their keys when they come in so they know where they are. Some burglars have actually devised a tool for opening doors from the outside using the handle on the inside by putting it through a letter box.

As Christmas is approaching at an alarming speed I wish to remind all residents to please take extra care on the security of your homes and property. In Herriard two cars were broken into during the night of Sunday November 11 when the thieves used an electronic device to open secure cars and steal property from within. Please take all valuables out. (We had a similar crime in Brown Candover recently.)

In February’s “Jane’s Watch”, I will provide a breakdown of the crime of 2018 within your parish. At the time of writing (November 13), crime across the whole area is slightly down, that of course may be due to a more increased awareness that whilst we do live in a wonderful area we are very susceptible to being a victim of crime due to our close proximity to large urban expanse and a good motorway network.

I wish you and your families a very happy and peaceful Christmas, but please also don’t drink and drive and remember you may still be over the legal limit in the morning from the night before. The Police annual drink drive campaign will be starting soon and “morning after” drivers will also be targeted.

Happy Christmas and thank you as always for your support.

PC Andrew Reid

"Jane’s Watch" (posted to this website on September 12, 2018)

Dear Residents.

Good news - there has been no reported crime within the area of this magazine over the past thirty days.

However, PC Reid is aware of further visits by gravel sellers to our area on 7th September. He would like to thank the Resident for calling him to report it. Please do not hesitate to call PC Reid directly if you are approached by such callers.

As the evenings are now drawing in we wish to remind Residents to please ensure your homes look occupied when you are out in the darker evenings. Please leave lights and a radio on, and draw your curtains. Whilst burglary to homes across our area is very low PC Reid is aware that in Oakley during the month three houses in the same street were broken into. All happened at night, which again is extremely rare and all with the intention of stealing expensive cars parked on the drive way.

To combat this type of theft of high powered motor cars please keep your car keys somewhere out of sight or hide them where they cannot easily be found.

In Brown Candover thieves opened a secure 4x4 by using an electronic device they brought with them. They did not steal the vehicle but they did manage to open it and rifle through the interior.

PC Reid is hoping to hold a crime prevention evening with Trading Standards soon, similar to the event held in Mapledurwell in September. The evening was a great success and had an excellent turnout. The date, venue and times, etc. will be posted as soon as they are available.

Many thanks, for all your vigilance and support as always!

Jane Hannah

Jane’s Contact Details:
Landline: 01256 381138, Mob: 07802 788 833
Email: jane.hannah1@btinternet.com

"Jane’s Watch" (posted to this website on August 13, 2018)

Dear Residents.

We start the month with a brief update in relation to the horrific dog attack incident in Furzen Lane which happened on Sunday July 9th, 2018 at approximately 11.00am. You may recall this occurred when a Resident, his partner and four dogs (who were on leads) were walking along Furzen Lane when they were furiously attacked by a lone staffie cross bitch with no collar. The staffie went into a frenzied attack on seeing the other dogs resulting in injuries to one of them to the extent that very sadly the dog died.

During the attack the Resident, quite bravely in PC Reid’s opinion, managed to get onto the staffie in order to try to control it. The staffie continued to try to attack the other dogs including the one being held by his partner. During the literal hand to hand control of the dog, in which it was continuing to bite, he was able to gain control and subsequently subdue it. During this struggle, the staffie died and this ended what was an incredible and horrific dog attack from a frenzied animal.

The staffie had links from the Portsmouth area where it had lived for many years. PC Reid has spoken to the previous owner, the dog warden and has made several other enquiries with other dog related agencies in that area, to try to establish if there were any links with anyone in Ellisfield. In addition, he has been speaking to existing Staffie owners in the Ellisfield area. The conclusion from all these enquiries is that at this time this dog was a stray and living on its own, sadly there is no knowledge about its previous life which may well have involved dog fighting. Dog fighting is sadly still prevalent in some areas in 2018, which would account for its actions. PC Reid would like to thank all those involved, who helped with his enquiries and sincerely wish those involved well. He will retain this file as open and would be very happy to follow any further leads or information if it is brought to his attention. 

Moving to other incidents reported in our area. PC Reid is seeking any information about the various crimes detailed below. Please do not hesitate to contact him directly, all calls are handled in the strictest of confidence.

On Tuesday July 3rd between 2.00am & 4.00am there was a burglary at Dummer Golf Club. If anyone was nearby or passed the club and saw any vehicles, etc. that looked out of place in the nearby roads to please contact PC Reid directly.

On Thursday July 26th, £1,700 worth of straw was destroyed when a straw rick was set on fire at Farleigh Wallop. Several young men were seen running away from the area. PC Reid asks parents to please remind their children to keep away from the field’s farm yards even more so during dry weather. Arson is a very serious crime and if found those responsible will be going to court.

On Wednesday August 8th in Red Lane, Ellisfield, two men described as ‘Eastern European’ were seen in a large white van with a registration similar to J***JSM, it had previously been sign written with initials similar to MP & T, which were slightly visible on the sides. These men were involved in the theft of a Land Rover from a field where farmers were working on the harvest, this happened at approximately midday. Thankfully after some very quick thinking from the farmers the Land Rover was recovered. Please help us - did you see this vehicle, which had also been seen in Bradley and Herriard?! If so, please contact PC Reid directly.
EDITOR: Some new residents may be wondering where “Red Lane” is as it’s not actually “in Ellisfield”. When driving to Alton, you go down the Axford Road heading towards the A339 and you then turn right (half way between College Lane and Bell Lane) to “cut the corner” to the A339. That is Red Lane. (Oh, and when you then turn left to get to the A339, that’s Spain Lane.)

The following day, August 9th, 2018 at The Jolly Farmer public house in Cliddesden at 9.45pm a large silver Yamaha motorcycle LF13 DZO was stolen from the rear car park. A white man described as ‘very large’ was seen breaking the chain and pushing the machine out of the premises onto the B3046, it is suspected it went up Woods Lane into Basingstoke. Again, if you can assist please call PC Reid directly.

In early September PC Reid is organising a Crime Prevention evening with Trading Standards in Mapledurwell Village Hall. The date and further information will be circulated nearer the time via the Neighbourhood Watch schemes. If you would like to discuss the event generally beforehand with PC Reid he is very happy for you to call him.

Many thanks for all your vigilance and support as always!

Jane Hannah

Jane’s Contact Details:
Landline: 01256 381138, Mob: 07802 788 833
Email: jane.hannah1@btinternet.com

"Jane’s Watch" (posted to this website on June 11, 2018)

Dear Residents.

PC Reid is very pleased to report that similar to last month there has been no reported crime within the parishes of Ellisfield, Farleigh Wallop and Cliddesden (and, as of June 11, this month also). However, in Dummer a domestic related assault was reported along with criminal damage to a fence caused when travellers forced entry into a field off of the A30.

Unfortunately, parishes surrounding ours have not fared as well with several crimes being reported. Overnight of May 11/12 and again the next night (!!!) outbuildings were broken into at Moundsmere. One the second “visit”, two quad bikes were stolen and three vehicles damaged. Between May 1 and May 11 damage was caused at the Herriard recreation ground and an assault took place at a wedding at Audley’s Wood Hotel. A further theft was also reported at Hackwood Park, this time roof lead was stolen from two outbuildings.

In Ellisfield, a vehicle with the registration number BJ55 YDD was offering ‘surplus Teak Furniture’ which was supposedly left over from the Chelsea Flower Show. The first question is why come to Ellisfield to cold call and sell your wares rather than reduce the price at the show? PC Reid wishes to thank everyone who called him to report the vehicle. After making enquiries, PC Reid found that they had come from Kent to visit us.

In nearby Upton Grey, they too have seen an increase in suspicious vehicle sightings. Thanks to vigilant residents PC Reid is aware of active rural criminals from Bordon and another one from Surrey having been seen in the village at different times. Such sightings are very important as they can be linked to offenders if a crime is reported and useful intelligence gathered about their visit. If you see anything that you deem as suspicious please do give PC Reid a call directly or dial 101.

Many thanks for all your vigilance and support as always!

Jane Hannah

Jane’s Contact Details:
Landline: 01256 381138, Mob: 07802 788 833
Email: jane.hannah1@btinternet.com

"Jane’s Watch" (posted to this website on May 29, 2018)

Dear Residents.

Between April 12 and May 10, we are pleased to report that there were no reported crimes in Ellisfield or Farleigh Wallop. Criminal damage to crops was reported in Cliddesden where poachers had driven across growing crops searching / pursuing hares or deer.

Slightly further afield, an outbuilding was broken into in Hackwood Park where garden tools and equipment valued at almost £0,000 was stolen. This happened overnight of April 27/28. PC Reid is aware the thieves drove a vehicle into the field opposite Hackwood Park to load the stolen items up. If anyone was in that area between these times and saw anything unusual or suspicious please call PC Reid directly.

Please may we give you a brief reminder to check your own outbuilding security! If you need any advice please do not hesitate to contact PC Reid directly he is very happy to discuss this with you.

Important, please action! - On May 29, the new EU Data Protection Act came into force. If you are signed up to your local Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator for crime and security updates you will now have to email them to authorise that they can retain your email address for Neighbourhood Watch purposes only and in order for you to continue to receive these updates. This is very important, the system we have in place is excellent and really works. The coordinator is not interested in any other details other than your e-mail address – please help us to continue to help you!

PC Reid would like to thank the Parish coordinators who do a fantastic job. Their email details are:

Ellisfield (Jane) - jane.hannah1@btinternet.com
Cliddesden (Tony) - t.trown@btinternet.com
Dummer (John) - johndelaney@btinternet.com
Farleigh Wallop (Greta) - estatemanager@portsmouthestates.co.uk

Many people may have already provided their authorisation, thank you very much for all those who have for doing so! If you wish to continue to receive Neighbourhood Watch Updates or you would like to be added to the circulation we request that you please contact your local Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator or Sub Coordinators to sign up. The scheme really does work, so please drop an email to the coordinator in your area.

Many thanks for all your vigilance and support!

Jane Hannah

Jane’s Contact Details:
Landline: 01256 381138, Mob: 07802 788 833
Email: jane.hannah1@btinternet.com

"Jane’s Watch" (posted to this website on April 13, 2018)

Dear Residents.

It’s good to report that between March 12 and April 12 there has been no reported crimes in Ellisfield or Farleigh Wallop. Criminal damage to crops was reported in Dummer where poachers have driven across growing crops searching / pursuing hares or deer.

In Cliddesden, an excellent result has been achieved. On March 29, a Resident reported that a car was parked in the parish and contained people who smelt heavily of alcohol. Police attended and subsequently the driver was arrested. At the police station, he provided a reading of 205 micrograms of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath, the limit being 35. The man has subsequently been sent to prison for over four months and banned for four years from driving. PC Reid makes no apology, if you drink and drive the police will catch you and you will be prosecuted if over the limit. Please consider - could that man above have stopped if someone inadvertently ran out in front of his car? Drink drivers kill, sometimes themselves but usually other innocent people. If you know of anyone who drinks and drives please contact PC Reid on his direct numbers, as always all calls will be treated in the strictest of confidence, or call CRIMESTOPPERS anonymously on 0800 555 111.

PC Reid was reading an article in the Basingstoke Gazette from January 1967, some fifty-one years ago. The article was entitled Police Appeal – Don’t Make It Easy For Thieves, saying:

Over 300 burglaries are made every 24 hours against homes, shops and offices. Every five minutes a thief somewhere makes off with cash and valuables which at the end of the year totals an astronomical amount”.

The advice given fifty-one years ago is identical to the advice we would give today and for this reason PC Reid has reproduced the article, but added relevant parts for the 21st century.

Housebreakers do not only work at night and that anytime is thieving time”. The article issued a seven point plan to coincide with a campaign called ‘Don’t Tempt Thieves’. The points were:

1. Close and Fasten – windows and doors.
2: All Ladders – should be securely locked away. If this is not possible they should be secured with a strong padlock and chain to
    something static. See that tools such as spades, picks and crowbars are locked away, they are often used to break in.
3: In the Evening – see that doors are locked, and if possible bolted.
4: Do not – leave large amounts of cash or jewellery in your home. Make use of banks.
5: Going Away – If going out at night leave a light on, but not in the Hall, in the lounge behind drawn curtains.
6: Never Advertise – Your absence by leaving notes or money for tradesmen.
7: Beware of bogus callers – ask for proof of identity and report all suspicious incidents to the Police.

In conclusion, the article added ‘Carelessness Causes Crime – Don’t let it happen to you’.

Today just as in 1967 ‘Carelessness’ is still the biggest gift we can give to the criminal. Although we have the advantages of CCTV, remote monitoring and alarms, we do need to remain vigilant and alert, more so now than ever. Please secure your home, outbuildings and sheds and, importantly, please report any suspicious incidents.

Many thanks for all your vigilance and support.

PS: Andy Reid’s contact numbers are at the top of the page.

Jane Hannah

Jane’s Contact Details:
Landline: 01256 381138, Mob: 07802 788 833
Email: jane.hannah1@btinternet.com

"Jane’s Watch" (posted to this website on March 23, 2018)
Written this month by PC Andrew Reid

Dear Residents.

Jane is having a well-earned break at the time of writing so any complaints are down to me ...

I start this month with several appeals for witnesses and/or information. On Friday March 9th between 5.00pm and 7.00pm the burglary of a house took place in the lower part of College Lane, Ellisfield. It is possible the home owner disturbed the thief when they came home. I ask if anyone was in College Lane between these times (or perhaps in the previous few days) and saw anything suspicious to please give me a call direct. I am also aware of a small white car being seen on the junction of Axford Road with College Lane about 7.00pm that evening. It is possible that it was also seen again on the following day (Saturday) driving slowly up College Lane. At this time we are unaware if it is connected.

Overnight of Saturday 10th and 5.30am on Sunday 11th March, a vehicle entered a field off the B3046 outside Cliddesden village and went across crops to the former railway line, from there three metal containers were broken into and property stolen. Again I ask if anyone saw or heard anything suspicious to please give me a call direct. As always, all calls treated in strictest confidence.

As the evenings become lighter for longer may I remind anyone visiting the rural areas to go on walks not to leave ANY valuables including handbags etc. or mobile electrical item such as laptops etc. in their cars. Each year, cars parked in isolated rural beauty spots will be targeted and valuables stolen, thieves are also using wireless technology to locate equipment.

On March 5th I organised a crime prevention morning for local farmers at the Dummer Golf Club. I wish to say thank you to the GM Steve Wright for allowing the use of the premises and to his staff for making us feel very welcome and providing an excellent venue and service. This really is an ideal venue for any event and I will be using it again for similar meetings in the future.

Finally, BT are offering a free service to combat nuisance calls, PPI, accident claims etc. it diverts nuisance calls to a new junk voicemail which you can access by calling, for more information please call 0800 328 1572 or visit bt.com/callprotect.

Many thanks and if you can help in any of the appeals please give me a call direct.

Andrew Reid

"Jane’s Watch" (posted to this website on February 11, 2018)

During late January and early February, the following crimes have been reported in the area of this magazine.

In January criminal damage was caused to crops at Swallick, it happened due a vehicle being driven over several fields looking for hares and deer.

At 2.00am on February 2nd, 2018 a unit was broken into at Breach Farm, Dummer, where property was stolen. It is believed the thieves parked in Dummer Road near the entrance to the farm.

Overnight on February 7th and 8th someone entered two cars parked in Farleigh Wallop. The cars had been left unsecure, the individual rifled through the car and left; at 2am that morning PC Reid is aware that a silver Ford Kuga car RF60 F** was seen in the area and that a person linked to this vehicle is a well-known criminal.  Please be mindful of the problem that is associated with this, if this man was responsible for going through the cars he and his kind will now know that our area can be a soft target as basic security is overlooked. He may have been able to pull the wires out to get a car started or simply set them on fire to cover his tracks. He and friends may also be back looking to see if more cars are unlocked, or sheds which is his preferred specialty. PC Reid asks again that Residents please take the security of their property and outbuildings more seriously because if there are easy takings to be had, he and others like him will be back – please consider this request seriously thank you!

In Ellisfield at 07.10am on February 5th, 2018, a white man wearing a dark beanie hat was seen looking through a hedge at a house near Hill Farm, he made off when a neighbour challenged him. If you saw or know who this man was please give PC Reid a direct call.  Likewise, if you can assist with any of the above please so not hesitate to call.

As spring approaches may we remind ALL dog owners to please keep their dogs under control near farm livestock, the lambing season has started and every year reports are received about dogs chasing sheep. Sadly, sheep are prone to stress and even by being chased it can lead to aborted lambs and death. It is a serious offence and dog owners will be reported for summons to court. People that PC Reid has spoken to with dogs off the lead near sheep have frequently said “My dog doesn’t chase sheep”, sadly your dog will chase sheep if the sheep runs as it can be seen as a game. Please also bear in mind if a dog is seen sheep worrying on farm land the farmers / shepherds do have a lawful right to shoot any dog whilst in the act.

Many thanks for all your vigilance and support.

PS: Andy Reid’s contact numbers are at the top of the page.

Jane Hannah

Jane’s Contact Details:
Landline: 01256 381138, Mob: 07802 788 833
Email: jane.hannah1@btinternet.com

"Jane’s Watch" (posted to this website on January 2, 2018)

Dear Residents

Firstly, may we take this opportunity to wish you and your families a very Happy New Year!

In the coming months, the reported crime statistics will be provided to you for your parish and those covered by this magazine.

Sadly 2017 saw an increase in reported crime across the whole beat area. However, more Residents are now reporting crime which is a very positive outcome and extremely important. It is essential that if you are a victim of any crime that you continue to support us and report it – thank you!

The good news is at the time of writing (12th December 2017) there have only been a few crimes reported which do not affect the overall local communities.

As we enter the New Year we continue to request that all Residents protect their property using good locks, alarms and CCTV. Please ensure all serial numbers are correctly recorded and have photographs of valuable items and garden equipment available. Please also continue to report any suspicious vehicles, people or incidents either to 101 or directly to PC Reid – thank you.

Sincere thanks for your continued support during 2017, it really does makes a great difference and allows PC Reid to provide us with the best possible service he can, whilst acknowledging the considerable increase in the geographic area he now has to cover.

We are extremely fortunate to have PC Reid and I would like to thank him sincerely for all he does on our behalf.

PS: Andy Reid’s contact numbers are at the top of the page.

Jane Hannah

Jane’s Contact Details:
Landline: 01256 381138, Mob: 07802 788 833
Email: jane.hannah1@btinternet.com

"Jane’s Watch" (posted to this website on November 11, 2017)

Dear Residents

This month has disappointingly started with an increase in burglary to homes all across north and central Hampshire.

In our area, four burglaries took place; between the 29th October 2017 and 31st October 2017 at a house in Church Lane, Preston Candover; between 3rd November 2017 and 4th November 2017 at a house on the B3046 in Brown Candover; between 2:40pm and 2:55pm on 9th November 2017 at a house on the A30 in Ganderdown, Dummer and on the same day between 3:14pm and 3:25pm at a house on The Avenue, Farleigh Wallop. Also, that day a similar burglary took place in Sherbourne St John and in two of these crimes shotguns have been stolen.

The police are aware that two young white men were seen at one of the addresses, both were wearing dark clothing with short hair and black shoes. PC Reid is urgently appealing to anyone who may have been in these areas and seen anything unusual or untoward to please contact him directly as soon as you are able to. Even if you think the information you have maybe irrelevant – please just pick up the phone and call PC Reid. ALL information is treated in the strictest of confidence and sometimes the smallest of details helps considerably – thank you!

PC Reid reiterates the need for all Residents to make sure their homes are secure. It is very helpful to always try to give the appearance that someone is at home by leaving lights and a radio on, a car on the drive if at all possible and do consider an alarm - they really do work!

Please be aware of an increase in calls from a mobile with the number 07537 10067. They call stating there is a law suit against the home owner and for the home owner to call them back. If you receive any calls that you are unfamiliar with do check the number by clicking on to who-called-me.co.uk which is a really useful website where you can check to see if other people have had similar calls from that number. Other scam calls include being told that the Police are adding your details to a file at a Police Station and by calling a given number they can help and the usual HMRC scams. If you have a BT service they can provide you with the ability to Block Calls. You can register with the Telephone Preference Service at www.tpsonline.org.uk. This is a free service so please watch out for companies who say they will provide it for a fee.

As Christmas is again upon us, may PC Reid and I take this opportunity to wish you all A Very Merry and Safe Christmas and A Happy and Healthy New Year. Please make sure your homes, outbuildings and vehicles are secure and as always if you need any home security advice please contact PC Reid directly.

We really do appreciate all your support, vigilance and help during the year – many thanks as always.

PS: Andy Reid’s contact numbers are at the top of the page.

Jane Hannah

Jane’s Contact Details:
Landline: 01256 381138, Mob: 07802 788 833
Email: jane.hannah1@btinternet.com

"Jane’s Watch" (posted to this website on October 11, 2017)

Dear Residents

Sadly, it has been a particularly busy month for crime within our area and PC Reid is seeking your help and assistance with any information relating to each of the crimes detailed below. It could simply be that you remember seeing something a little out of place or a vehicle in the area – please assist us by contacting PC Reid directly, all calls are treated in the strictest of confidence.  

On September 12 at Dummer Down a white van was seen on fields of recently sown crops which was involved in poaching.

On September 13 two cars in Cliddesden had projectiles, believed to be air gun pellets, fired at them which caused the windows to shatter. One happened in Southlea on the B3046 and the other at the rear of Southlea. The two incidents are linked but not at the same time. The first was late afternoon / early evening and the other happened overnight. On the same night, a cat was shot also in Cliddesden with a BB pellet and had to be taken to the vet for treatment.

On September 20, in Church Lane, Ellisfield at about 2.30pm, an altercation incident took place between a delivery driver and a motorist of a blue Mercedes estate, part of the registration plate read **** ESZ. PC Reid would like to ask if anyone was in the area about this time, if you were the driver of the car or know who owns such a vehicle, please give him a call. All calls will be treated in the strictest of confidence.

Between September 26 and October 1 several sheds were broken into at the Ellisfield Allotments. Whilst it appears nothing was stolen damage was caused to the gate and several sheds.

Overnight of October 1/2 the large grain store at Church Farm, Cliddesden was broken into, nothing was stolen but the lock and staple were smashed. On the same night, a vehicle rammed a field gate just outside the village and drove across several fields of growing crops, this incident was poaching related.

Also on October 2 a car and caravan were damaged whilst parked in the lay-by at Winslade

Between Wednesday October 4 and Sunday October 8 a cast iron cesspit cover was stolen from a house in Bible Fields, Dummer. If anyone saw anything untoward or a van in the vicinity between these times please contact PR Reid directly.

On October 5th at Dummer Down Farm, an electric fence battery was stolen from a field between 2.00pm and 4.00pm.

On October 7, a car was stopped by the police on the A339 near Farleigh Road in the early hours and found illegal drugs inside; a man was arrested and has since been charged.

Last month we asked that ALL Crime regardless how small it may be perceived is reported.  It is really very important that PC Reid is aware of ALL crime within our area. So, may we ask again to please let him know if you are a victim of any crime – thank you.

We do appreciate all your support, vigilance and help – many thanks as always.

PS: Andy Reid’s contact numbers are at the top of the page.

Jane Hannah

Jane’s Contact Details:
Landline: 01256 381138, Mob: 07802 788 833
Email: jane.hannah1@btinternet.com

Report from PC Andrew Reid on Thursday, September 21, 2017

Dear all.

I write to inform you of an increase in poaching and similar crime related incidents within the area of the Candovers, Herriard. etc.

On Thursday, September 7th at 4.10pm, a white Ford Transit was seen at Moundsmere Manor where the men inside were seen to try to steal a quad bike having broken into a shed. They made off towards Ellisfield.

Prior to the weekend of September 9/0 several pheasants were shot in a release pen not far from Ellisfield, the weapon used is suspected to be a high powered air rifle. The offenders returned on September 14 and did the same again. On this occasion I suspect a silver Vauxhall Corsa as being involved.

On Wednesday, September 13, two cars parked in Cliddesden - one on the B3046 and one in Southlea Lane - had high powered air rifle pellets fired at windows, shattering a window in each car. I have also been informed that a cat in Cliddesden was also shot, this time by a BB gun.

Also overnight of September 14/15, a metal pheasant feeder was shot at by what appears to be a .22 bullet, this at Herriard.

On Sunday, September 17, a group of youths were seen causing anti-social behaviour at Farleigh Church, Farleigh Wallop. There was concerns that they would go into a field with cattle and cause problems.

On September 18 in the Wield Road at Preston Candover, a blue Ford Mondeo (RK09 TZC) was seen on fields, again suspected coursing / poaching. A vehicle well worth noting.

On Monday September 19, I had reports that a Game Keeper had spotted a man with a lurcher in fields at Hackwood Park. He ran off and went on land at Huish Lane. I saw him in the hedge and collered him as he was about to walk by. He was from Farnborough and had come down on the train (produced valid tickets), sadly insufficient evidence to prosecute but given suitable advice and made off back to the Railway Station.

Overnight on September 19/20, a gate lock was damaged at a stables in Preston Candover. No entry was gained into the yard and nothing appears to have been stolen.

During Wednesday evening of September 20, a green Mercedes 4x4 (registration S552 RUH) containing men and lurchers eas seen in Gunners Lane, Brown Candover. Men suspected for poaching / coursing in our area. They also went onto a farm at Brown Candover and was also seen in a private garden. During the same time a report was received of lights being shone across fields at Huish Lane, Old Basing. The Keeper attended but found no trace.

Also last night (Wednesday, September 20) a red Honda CRV used by poachers was found in Lower Wield smashed up. I have reported three of the men linked with this vehicle for poaching previously, seized three of their vehicles and had two convicted under the Hunting Act. I am also aware of padlocks being broken on gates suspected by people using this vehicle at Moundsmere and of hedges being driven through. There is also a loose lurcher in the Ellisfield area and another in the Lower Wield area. I have no doubt their owners will be back to try to find them.

I have also been told, but cannot confirm it, that after previous “'Hampshire Coursing Cup” competitions in which betting on coursing and poaching took place in previous years, this year it is a case of “who can kill the most game birds”, another competition of which I understand is being organised by those involved in the “Coursing Cup”.

Please be aware of the above and again please report any damage, poaching, etc., either via 101 or me direct

"Jane’s Watch" (posted to this website on June 16, 2017)

Dear Residents.

This month we are appealing for witnesses to a burglary in Up Street, Dummer that took place on Friday May 26th 2017 between 11.15am and 12.30pm. During these times someone broken into the house but thankfully was disturbed. PC Reid asks if anyone was in the village about these times and saw anything untoward, person/people acting suspiciously or a strange car parked up? If you can help in any way at all please call PC Reid directly, all calls will be treated in the strictest of confidence.

On June 7th 2017 about 10.00am a white transit van with the registration WV13 UWO was seen in Green Lane, Ellisfield. The men inside were looking to carry out tree and other similar gardening type work. The men were keen to cut down trees but thankfully were stopped by the homeowner.

It tends to be the policy of such people who undertake 'cold calling’ to offer to do either garden work or roofing or driveways, etc. They do a quick job then charge the earth for it whilst adding charges on as they go. PC Reid knows instances with other similar ‘cold callers’ who have taken people to the bank to withdraw money for the work undertaken.

PC Reid strongly urges all residents who may want such work carried out to call Hampshire Trading Standards (HTS) on 03454 04 05 06 or www.buywithconfidence.gov.uk and they will be able to tell you if the person at your door is registered with them as an approved trade or business. They also produce a free booklet and will send copies out on request. The service is excellent and provides real peace of mind in that everyone in the booklet has been checked by HTS, as has their staff. PC Reid has some of the booklets if anyone would like a copy please let him know. Some people choose to use “Check a Trade”, please be aware that they charge companies to join. The view is that they may not have the same in-depth systems that HTS do to check all over the UK their intelligence reports.

The men with the van seen in Green Lane said they were with 'Check a Trade' but this was not the case. Please, if you want honest and reliable people, call Hampshire Trading Standards who can and will be happy to assist.   

Please be aware fraudsters have been advertising vehicles and machinery for sale on various selling platforms online. The victims, after communicating via email with the fraudster, will receive a bogus email, which purports to be from an established escrow provider (a third party who will keep the payment until the buying and selling parties are both happy with the deal).

These emails are designed to persuade victims to pay up front, via bank transfer, before visiting the seller to collect the goods. The emails also claim that the buyer (victim) has a cooling off period to reclaim the payment if they change their mind. This gives victims the false sense of security that their money is being looked after by this trustworthy third party, when in fact it is not and the money has gone straight to the fraudster.

Protect yourself:

If you have been affected by this, or any other type of fraud, report it to Action Fraud by visiting www.actionfraud.police.uk or by calling 0300 123 2040.

Additionally there was a report by a small girl from the village of a strange man seen in Church Lane on Sunday June 4th 2017. PC Reid is pleased to report that after local enquiries all is well and there is no cause for alarm about strangers near children in the village.

Many thanks as always for your support, help and vigilance.

Jane Hannah

Jane’s Contact Details:
Landline: 01256 381138, Mob: 07802 788 833
Email: jane.hannah1@btinternet.com

"Jane’s Watch" (posted to this website on May 15, 2017)

Dear Residents.

Information is sought in relation to a burglary of a house that took place between 10.30am and 1.00pm on Thursday 27th April 2017 in Dummer Road, Axford. PC Reid is aware that a man described as in his mid 20's to early 30's, approximately 5'10" tall and has a stocky build. His hair was short, well cut and blond with blond stubble. He was wearing a light shirt, navy blue Puffa sleeveless coat, blue jeans, and a pale blue baseball cap. This man was seen in both Dummer Road and on the B3046 near the bungalows.

If anyone was in Axford that day and saw this man or any suspicious vehicles in the area please call PC Reid direct.

On Friday April 14th 2017 between 2.00pm and 4.00pm a car was broken into on Red Lane, Ellisfield whilst the owner was out walking. If anyone was in that area and again saw anything suspicious please give PC Reid a call directly, as always all calls will be treated in the strictest of confidence.

All residents are strongly urged to make every effort to safeguard their homes, consider alarms and use good locks. Please do not hesitate to contact PC Reid direct if you would like any crime prevention advice – crime prevention pays!

The Constabulary is also looking to communities to help set what your local Police should be doing and to ensure they are working effectively in the community. They need us to tell them what issues are affecting us the most. One of their aims is to increase confidence in the Police, as well as to make our Neighbourhood a safer place to live and work in. All they ask is that you spare just 5 minutes to complete this survey to give them a clear understanding of the issues that matter to you. The results will be used together with Police and partner agency data, to set the priorities for the next three months. To take part please use the website detailed below.


Many thanks for your continued support and vigilance. If you can help with either of the crimes detailed above please do call PC Reid directly – thank you.

Jane Hannah

Jane’s Contact Details:
Landline: 01256 381138, Mob: 07802 788 833
Email: jane.hannah1@btinternet.com

"Jane’s Watch" (posted to this website on April 12, 2017)

Dear Residents.

Since the last update in February, PC Reid is very pleased to report there has been no significant reported crimes within the parishes of this magazine.

However, there has been a significant increase in the area of computer fraud and security. PC Reid would like to take this opportunity to provide you with some useful information relating to this topic. There have been reported calls regarding people saying they are from Microsoft or other computer or software houses stating there is a problem with the occupier’s computer, laptop or iPad etc. The fraudsters are quite sophisticated and convince people there are issues; they are able then to convince people to provide them with their passwords and access to their computers, in some cases total control of the computers. They then ask for bank details or payment to sort the problem out and usually money is withdrawn from accounts. The amount of money taken or asked for is not insignificant.

Please be aware that Banks and Card issuers will never contact you by email to ask for personal or financial details. Never respond to such messages, please report it directly to your bank. Some words of advice from PC Reid are:

• Any emails from unknown sources should be deleted immediately without opening. Do not even open  any attachments.
• To report a fraud or online crime contact - Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or online anytime of the  day or night
• If actions or words are illegal in the ‘real’ world it will be illegal online. Just because it has been said online or in a text it doesn’t mean
  you are beyond the law. Saying anything in hate, harassing or threatening could land you in serious trouble with the police and could
  result in a criminal record.
• When applying for a job, employers will often look at social media profiles to check their suitability
• Always use legitimate sites when downloading for example; music, films etc.
• Ensure you have anti-virus software installed onto your computer and it is up to date.
• Install anti-spyware software and always use a firewall.
• If you have a wireless network make sure you password protect it. You can change the user name  and password for home hubs to
  increase your online security.
• Use a strong password. To make it easy to remember, think of a phrase including letters and numbers such as the first line of your
  address and remove all of the vowels. You could use the same phrase for every website by adding the first and last letter of the
  website to the beginning and end of your password respectively.
• Always ensure you update all Apps and operating systems on all Internet enabled devices – software producers often send out
  updates or ‘patches’. These are critical for protecting your machines security and online safety.

As Spring and the beautiful weather is here, may PC Reid remind all Residents who may go out for walks in the countryside to please make sure their vehicles are locked before leaving them, that ALL handbags or similar bags are NOT left in the vehicle and any computer equipment is taken out before you leave home. Whilst theft from vehicles is not a large-scale problem in our area, it happens, especially when the bluebells are out. Please look after your property and keep your car secured, also park in popular areas near to where people pass, live or park.

Many thanks as always for your support, help and vigilance.

Jane Hannah

Jane’s Contact Details:
Landline: 01256 381138, Mob: 07802 788 833
Email: jane.hannah1@btinternet.com

"Jane’s Watch" (posted to this website on February 13, 2017)

Dear Residents.

Very good news! PC Reid is extremely pleased to report that we have had no reported crime in our parishes (Ellisfield, Farleigh Wallop, Cliddesden and Dummer) between January 12 and February 12.

As there is no information or witness appeals to make regarding crime, PC Reid would like to remind Residents that in March 2016 we suffered from several non dwelling burglaries all across the Hill & Dale area. Realistically it may well be the case that the criminals will return again this year to steal the replacement items they took last year. It is really important that Residents record serial numbers and take photographs as well as protect their sheds and outbuildings from such criminals. Please consider a ‘shed alarm’, which can be battery or electrically operated, they really can help.

You will have noticed and are no doubt as concerned as we are with the ever-increasing amount of fly-tipped rubbish that appears to be in our area. Can we please ask Residents to promptly report any sightings of anyone doing this. On Kennel Farm Lane overnight of February 7/8 some fly-tipped rubbish appeared. PC Reid is pleased to report that an address and other papers were found and a full file with statements was submitted to the Borough Council to chase up, interview and hopefully report for summons to court.

Here is a link to the latest edition of Rural Times, issued by Hampshire Constabulary. This edition features information about the Police and Crime Commissioner’s Rural Communities Matter conferences this month and a report by Historic England with a strong focus on heritage crime. You can read about the Country Watch team and tips on preventing thefts from outbuildings, in addition to its regular features.

If there are any rural issues you’d like to see covered in future editions, please let us know so we can forward the information.

Many thanks as always for your support, help and vigilance.

Jane Hannah

Jane’s Contact Details:
Landline: 01256 381138, Mob: 07802 788 833
Email: jane.hannah1@btinternet.com

"Jane’s Watch" (posted to this website on January 14, 2017)

Dear Residents.

We begin the first report of the year with the reported crime statistics for 2016. Overall across the whole of the beat area (not PC Reid’s new extended area) 163 crimes were reported, which disappointingly is the highest number since the year 2000. Whilst the Home Office has changed the way in which crime statistics are recorded it is still a very unwelcome increase. Local to the parishes of the Hill & Dale magazine there has been some decreases but others remain similar to 2015/2016. The 2016 figures are as follows

Cliddesden:      19 (8 in 2015)
Dummer:          13 (7 in 2015)
Ellisfield:          10 (11 in 2015)
Farleigh Wallop:  3 (3 in 2015)

Whilst crime has remained low within these parishes in mid-November to mid-January, parishes around us did not fair so well. Preston Candover saw two dwelling and one non-dwelling burglary during the evening of December 12. Two young men wearing hoodies were seen in the village and subsequently three motor mowers have been stolen. If you were in Preston Candover during that day or evening and saw anything unusual, please help us and call PC Reid direct.

Also, in Weston Corbett, we have had three reported cases of sheep worrying, All dog owners are urged to please keep their dogs under control. Be aware that farmers can lawfully shoot any dog found worrying livestock on agricultural land so please, if near livestock, keep your dog on a lead.

You may also be aware that the new Police & Crime Commissioner Michael Lane is seeking your views on an increase in the precept that Residents pay for policing in the county. If you wish to either support or not support this idea please go to the Council Tax Precept page on the PCC website.

Mr Lane is also holding meetings on:

Friday, February 10 at Sparsholt College, Winchester
Saturday, February 11 at New Forest Outdoor Centre
Wednesday, February 15 at Riverside Centre, Newport, IoW
Friday, February 17 at Netley Police Training Centre, Hamble
Thursday, February 23 at Gill Nethercott Centre, Whitchurch

Each meeting starts at 9.00am and goes on until 4.00pm. The aim is to give all those Residents who live and work in rural communities the opportunity to share their views on Rural Crime. It is also intended to help set the future rural priorities that will eventually form part of a new Rural Crime Strategy for Hampshire and Isle of Wight. This is a great chance for your views to be heard and we urge anyone who wishes to have their say on the policing of this area to visit one of these venues. The PCC website’s Events page has more details (click on the relevant venue to view its Agenda.

Many thanks as always for your support, help and vigilance.

Happy New Year!

Jane Hannah

Jane’s Contact Details:
Landline: 01256 381138, Mob: 07802 788 833
Email: jane.hannah1@btinternet.com

"Jane’s Watch" (posted to this website on November 14, 2016)

Dear Residents.

Overnight of the 25th & 26th October 2016 there was an attempted burglary to a garage in Green Lane, Ellisfield. Thankfully, due to a good secure lock, entry was not gained. If you have any information relating to this please call PC Reid directly.

Additionally, information is sought concerning a criminal damage offence, which occurred overnight of the 27th & 28th October 2016 at the ‘Kite field’ behind Southlea. A wire strand fence was cut near to the mast end. PC Reid is aware of various incidents that have occurred in that area of late. He is pleased to have been advised that additional security measures have now been put in place to protect and record property in that area. Again, if you can help please make a direct call to PC Reid, as always all calls are treated in the strictest of confidence.

As we move into December and towards the festive period we ask that all Residents please pay attention to their home security. Please ensure lights are left on and perhaps a radio is on whilst you are out. Always endeavour to make your home look as if someone is in.

Important Christmas Reminder! Residents are strongly urged not to drink and drive; the Constabulary will be launching its annual Christmas drink drive campaign where drivers will be breath tested in the mornings as well as at night. Also please make sure all your vehicle lights are kept clean and in full working order. Recently a large number of vehicles have been seen being driven with defective lights – please take a moment to check your vehicle.

If you can help with any information regarding the two crimes above, please do call as soon as you are able to.

May we both take this opportunity to wish you All a Very Happy, Safe and Secure Christmas and thank you very much for your continued support and vigilance.

Best wishes,

Jane Hannah

Jane’s Contact Details:
Landline: 01256 381138, Mob: 07802 788 833
Email: jane.hannah1@btinternet.com

"Jane’s Watch" (posted to this website on October 17, 2016)

Dear Residents.

Please can you help! PC Reid is appealing for any information concerning a burglary to a house in Winslade off the lane that goes from Cliddesden to the A339. This happened overnight of September 30th and October 1st. Thankfully entry was not gained to the house but items were stolen. If anyone happened to be in that or the surrounding area in the days before and saw anything suspicious please call PC Reid directly, all calls will be handled in the strictest of confidence.

This type of crime is rare in our area but again we ask Residents to please make sure their homes are secure, lights are on when you go out in the evening and if possible timers are used especially now the evenings are drawing in – thank you.

PC Reid is pleased to inform Residents that there has been no other reported crime within the parishes covered by this magazine during this period.

The “Scary Clown” craze! As many of you may have heard or read in the National Press there is an increasing problem with a ‘Scary Clown’ craze where pranksters dress as "creepy clowns" to deliberately scare people. The trend, which originated in America, may seem harmless to some, but has a major impact on some members of the community. Several incidents internationally have also taken a more sinister tone with knives, chainsaws and axes being brandished. With Halloween just around the corner this “craze” is unlikely to disappear before then. PC Reid would like to advise Residents that we unfortunately might experience problems related to this theme. All offences relating to people dressed as clowns who deliberately seek to cause harassment, alarm or distress to members of our communities or those committing any criminal offences will be proactively dealt with.

PC Reid would also like to request that if children are playing “trick or treat” and going door to door over this period they are accompanied by an adult and those that are not please ensure they do not call on elderly Residents some of whom have no wish to be disturbed in the evenings.

Thank you as ever for your continued vigilance!

Jane Hannah

Jane’s Contact Details:
Landline: 01256 381138, Mob: 07802 788 833
Email: jane.hannah1@btinternet.com

"Jane’s Watch" (posted to this website on September 16, 2016)

Dear Residents.

Firstly our local crime update: Overnight on Monday 29 August, damage was caused to a game bird feed bin in Cliddesden. Also, PC Reid is appealing for any witnesses who may have seen a vehicle, suspected to be a Subaru or Suzuki Jimny, driving across a newly sown crop field at Farleigh Wallop, alongside the B3046 opposite the ‘Inwood camp site’ between 3.00pm and 5.00pm on Saturday, September 3. The event occurred again during the day on Saturday, September 10. Considerable damage has been caused to the crops and PC Reid suspects the occupants of the vehicle were involved in illegal hare coursing / poaching. If you see such acts please call PC Reid directly as we are increasingly seeing poaching of both hares and deer by unscrupulous people who care little for our countryside or our wildlife.

Slightly outside the area of this magazine a garage was entered into at Brown Candover and a motor mower was stolen between August 16 (Tuesday) and 23 (Tuesday) in an opportunist non dwelling burglary.

May we take this opportunity to remind you that as the evenings are now drawing in to please consider leaving lights on when you go out in the evenings, ideally use timers if you are away overnight. Another reminder for all residents is not to leave your car keys on display, recently in the Basingstoke area there have been homes broken into where the keys to high performance cars have been found and the cars stolen. Please keep your car keys safe and homes safe and secure. If you need any crime prevention advice please do not hesitate to call PC Reid directly, he is more than happy to help.

On Thursday September 1, there was a gang of ‘tarmaccers’ in the area offering to sell tarmac at a cheap price. We are aware that a black Land Rover, registration DA13 VSZ, was calling at houses in Ellisfield and Herriard until they were stopped by a local neighbour. All Residents are urged to seriously consider whether you need to buy items or services from cold callers at your door. It is suggested if you want what they have to offer to please first contact Hampshire Trading Standards on 01962 833620 or simply check their booklet ‘Buy With Confidence’ where every company listed have been vetted by the Trading Standards. By taking these simple steps you will reduce the chances of being conned to pay more for a job than is required.

Thank you as ever for your continued vigilance!

Jane Hannah

Jane’s Contact Details:
Landline: 01256 381138, Mob: 07802 788 833
Email: jane.hannah1@btinternet.com

"Jane’s Watch" (posted to this website on August 13, 2016)

Dear Residents.

PC Andrew Reid would like to inform you of an increase in crime within the Ellisfield area. He has written his contribution this month more as a sermon (his words) than information appeal and apologises in advance to Rev. Stephen.

Overnight of Thursday, July 14 an unlocked shed was entered into in Green Lane and chainsaws, strimmers and petrol cans were stolen. At another house a SatNav was stolen from an unlocked car. During his enquiries PC Reid became aware that an equine tack room had also been broken into, although nothing was stolen it was not reported until much later in the evening. On Friday, July 15 he was made aware that either on Tuesday 12 or Wednesday 13 a man had been seen in the same area at 03.10am wearing a hi-visibility jacket with a torch looking into homes and gardens in the same area!

There are two very important points PC Reid wishes to impress upon us:

Firstly, it is the responsibilities of every person living in our area to make efforts to safe guard their property. If a shed is left unlocked thieves will steal from it; likewise a car ~ criminals drive through our area frequently even more so if we make them welcome! By making little effort to protect and lock our property our area is seen as a ‘oft option with easy pickings’ This in turn could impact more Residents as the frequency of visits from criminals could increase and they may not target only unlocked property.

Secondly, is that whilst PC Reid is here we have a unique and very welcomed direct police presence and service; he is struggling to find another area where you can call your local Policeman direct and speak to them.  PLEASE take heed and if you see something suspicious let him/the Force know AT THE TIME! Just call 101 if you do not wish to speak to him directly or disturb him. But remember you can call him anytime (not forgetting that he has no mobile coverage when in the Candover Valley area!).

This is what he is here for and it can be frustrating when crimes or suspicious incidents are not acted upon and reported swiftly. To restate - if you are subject to a crime or witness something suspiciousplease report it; PC Reid needs to know what crime is happening in our area – even if nothing is stolen, call him or 101 but do please let him know as soon as possible. End of lesson!

PC Reid would also like to ask you a question. Would you leave sheds and cars unlocked in Basingstoke, Reading or London? If your answer is no: then please do the same in your own home, protect your property and follow your own good practices.

Additionally, in Cliddesden overnight on Friday, July 15 a garage was broken into at Church Farm, where a motor scooter was stolen and subsequently found burnt out by Otters Nursery, Cliddesden. Back in Ellisfield, overnight of Monday, August 1 an attempt was made to break into a garage at the Axford Road end of Green Lane in Ellisfield, nothing was stolen. If you can assist with any information for the above mentioned crimes, please do give PC Reid a call directly, as always all calls are treated in the strictest confidence.

And finally; the new Police & Crime Commissioner for Hampshire and the IoW, Mr. Michael Lane, is seeking your help in launching a consultation for the future policing of our area and the two counties for the next five years. To get involved and have your say, please go online to www.hampshire-pcc.gov.uk/survey or write to Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, St George’ Chambers, St George’ Street, Winchester SO23 8AJ. You have until September 14 2016.

We are very fortunate to have PC Reid so please help him and his colleagues to help us!

Many thanks; we really appreciate your continued support and vigilance.

Jane Hannah

Jane’s Contact Details:
Landline: 01256 381138, Mob: 07802 788 833
Email: jane.hannah1@btinternet.com

"Jane’s Watch" (posted to this website on June 15, 2016)

Dear Residents.

Thankfully reported crime appears to have returned to a more normal pace after several recent shed and outbuilding burglaries across the whole area. However, between 1.00am and 8.00am on Monday May 16 several containers were broken into on the old railway line area of Station Road, Cliddesden where a considerable amount of property was stolen. Police are aware that a large vehicle was used for this crime and that further along Station Road the double gates had a padlock broken and a vehicle driven across the fields. PC Reid suspects these were linked and he is seeking any information whatsoever. Please let PC Reid know if you happened to see or hear anything unusual late Sunday evening or in the early hours of Monday morning. Please call PC Reid directly, all calls are treated in the strictest of confidence.

All Residents - please be aware that there has been an increase in the number of ‘suspicious vehicles’ reported. PC Reid would like to sincerely thank Residents and ask that you to please continue to report anything suspicious. On May 27, a Ford Transit tipper lorry with a ladder in the rear was seen calling at homes asking if anyone wanted any ‘tree work’ undertaken. As a result, PC Reid is aware that the people involved are active criminals and would have been ‘scouting’ the area on the look out for items to steal.

On June 7 a white Renault Trafic van with the number plate HK56 TUU was seen. The male driver was simultaneously looking around the stables as he asked about a horsebox for sale. There is no current owner or insured person for this vehicle but from research made PC Reid is aware that a person connected to this incident has links with others involved in the theft of equine equipment. Sadly they may well come back, but at least thanks to Residents PC Reid has knowledge of their initial visit in case they do. Please continue to report any vehicle / person or anything that you feel is suspicious. PC Reid will never be annoyed with anyone for passing information relating to his or her concerns or suspicions.

You may recall some years back PC Reid was able to offer ‘Smart Water’ to local Residents and the Constabulary provided it free to victims of crime. Basingstoke was one of the area’s that took up the offer and in our area he was able to provide as much as he was able to secure. Sadly this is no longer available; it was a partnership deal with the Smart Water Company. However, PC Reid would like to make Residents aware of a company that allow FREE recording of valuables. The company state:

“By registering their valuables on www.immobilise.com owners can put details of their prized possessions on a national database that police can access and compare against items that have been found or recovered from suspected criminals.”

“The online service is totally free and is quick and easy to use. Items marked as being registered with Immobilise are less likely to be stolen, and households displaying Immobilise stickers are less likely to be targeted by burglars.”

The company website address is https://www.immobilise.com/ and is supported by forty-six UK Police Forces including the Hampshire Constabulary. Please take a moment to just have a look to see what is on offer to you and whether you wish to sign up.

Please remain vigilant as your calls and information help enormously. If you have any concerns do not hesitate to contact PC Reid directly, all calls are handled in the strictest of confidence.

Thank you, we really appreciate your continued support!

Jane Hannah

Jane’s Contact Details:
Landline: 01256 381138, Mob: 07802 788 833
Email: jane.hannah1@btinternet.com

"Jane’s Watch" (posted to this website on May 11, 2016)

Dear Residents.

Positive news – within our parishes reported crime appears to have slowed down following the increase we were recently experiencing.

However, on the night of Wednesday April 13th a shed was broken into at Northgate, Ellisfield at about 02:15am. PC Reid is aware that at 01:30am the same morning a silver Subaru that was possibly a ‘Y’ registration was seen ramming electric gates at Tunworth in order to gain entry into a large garden. The vehicle has a large dent to the back left hand side wing. Also other buildings were broken into further afield in Old Basing the same night.

On Thursday April 28th at 01:10 am, the Green Keepers shed was broken into at Dummer Golf Club where various tools were stolen. PC Reid asks if anyone saw anything suspicious or unusual in both these areas prior to these crimes taking place to please call him directly.

PC Reid has had a plea from horse riders to ask cyclists if when approaching horses from behind if they can please either call out, ring their bell or make the rider aware of their presence. Recently a cyclist came up behind a young horse that was startled when the cyclist rode past. As the rider was very experienced they were able to control the horse, but this may have caused an accident if they hadn’t been. Subsequently they have asked if the request could please be passed.

A Residents' Public Meeting was held on Tuesday the 3rd May at St Mary's Church, Herriard on Rural Policing and Community Funding. Five potential candidates wishing to be elected for the post of Police & Crime Commissioner (PCC) in the Hampshire & Isle of Wight area presented their credentials, overall approach and answered direct questions on Rural Policing, Community Funding and their support of relocating PC Andy Reid back to his local beat and be supplied with his own 4x4. Some of the answers given were more comprehensive than others. The meeting was very well attended and from the questions asked gave a clear indication to the Candidates of our Parishes priorities.  A Special thanks to everyone who attended, Paul Turner for organising the meeting and Clive Pinder (Newnham PC Chairman) for chairing a somewhat heated meeting at times.

Subsequently, following the election held a couple of days later, Michael Lane (Conservative) was elected the new PCC for Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. He received a total of 152,990 votes and will replace the incumbent Simon Hayes. Mr. Lane has expressed his willingness to reconsider the concept of Community Funding, so discussions with him will take place once he has settled into his new post.

Please remain vigilant as your calls and information help enormously. If you have any concerns please contact PC Reid directly, all calls are handled in the strictest of confidence.

Thank you, we appreciate your continued support!

Jane Hannah

Jane’s Contact Details:
Landline: 01256 381138, Mob: 07802 788 833
Email: jane.hannah1@btinternet.com

"Jane’s Watch" (posted to this website on April 12, 2016)

Dear Residents.

Sadly, the reduction in reported crime last month has come back to haunt us! PC Reid is urgently seeking any information / witnesses to a series of eleven burglaries to outbuildings and garages all across our area from Preston Candover through to Up Nately near Hook. The burglaries happened over two separate occasions. The first set was overnight of March 17/18 2016 in Ellisfield when garages in Canon Close, a garden shed in Canon Close and a garage in Green Lane were all broken into. Damage was caused but only a radiator cap was stolen. On the same night the Pavilion at Preston Candover Recreation Ground was also broken into, damage was caused but again nothing stolen. Overnight of April 5/6 the thieves returned and a further six outbuildings and garages were broken into resulting in theft of several chainsaws, strimmers, hedge cutters and a child’s quad bike.

PC Reid asks if anyone saw or heard anything suspicious or unusual during those nights please call him direct. As always, all calls will be treated in the strictest of confidence.

Whilst at this time of year we often do see a rise in outbuildings and garden sheds etc. being broken into. It clearly is not usual to be to this this extent.  PC Reid would like to continue to urge residents to adopt good security measures to protect their properties. If you have not already done so please consider installing shed alarms or CCTV etc. Importantly - please record serial numbers, take photographs and/or engrave your postcode on individual items.

Please help: If you do not already receive Neighbourhood Watch (NW) bulletins or you know a neighbour who isn’t on the circulation please consider contacting your local Neighbourhood Watch Co-coordinator and have ONLY your email address added to their contacts list so PC Reid can update local residents at the TIME of such crimes taking place. Residents can contact PC Reid direct or your local NHW coordinators who do an excellent job. Their contacts are: Ellisfield - Jane Hannah at jane.hannah1@btinternet.com; Cliddesden - Tony Trown at t.trown@btinternet.com; Dummer - John Delaney at johndelaney@btinternet.com; Farleigh Wallop – Don Hardy or Lady Jane Wallop at estatemanager@portsmouthestates.co.uk           

PC Reid would like to conclude that the above burglary pattern is part of a much larger set of crimes all of a similar nature across various parts of North Hampshire not just our area in particular. If you would appreciate crime prevention advice please call PC Reid directly, he would be very happy to visit you. In addition, PC Reid is preparing some advice, which will be sent to the local NHW who will then distribute it to you. It will be sent to those who are signed up to the scheme, if you are not please consider doing so!

On May 5 2016 the second Police & Crime Commissioner Elections are due to be held, Polling Stations will be held in the usual places. This is an opportunity for you to vote as to whom you would like to hold the position.

Many thanks to you all and please remain vigilant but please do not worry, if you have any concerns please contact PC Reid directly.

We appreciate your continued support!

Jane Hannah

Jane’s Contact Details:
Landline: 01256 381138, Mob: 07802 788 833
Email: jane.hannah1@btinternet.com

"Jane’s Watch" (posted to this website on March 12, 2016)

Dear Residents,

Here is the monthly round up for this area for late January and February 2016.

Overnight on January 21/22, an attempt was made to break into an industrial unit outside Dummer. PC Reid is pleased to report that the thieves failed to get inside and left empty handed.

In Newnham (Hook) overnight on January 28/29, a set of car registration plates were stolen from a car in Old School Road. Also in Newnham another set were taken off but discarded by the thieves. Also in Newnham an incident is being investigated by PC Reid that occurred at about 3pm on Wednesday 3rd February 2016 where a group of youths in a small car were seen at the old shed at Beehive Farm, Tylney Lane where damage was caused to the building. Several of the youths have been traced and enquiries are in hand to interview all of them concerning this incident.

In Upton Grey on Friday February 5th at about 2.45am unknown people smashed the front door into the village shop and in so doing set off the alarm. The criminals stole a quantity of cash and cigarettes before they made off.  The Police know that a black Mercedes CLS320 was found abandoned the following morning having been driven through a hedge on the Bidden Road. PC Reid is requesting urgent help please! Did you see anyone or vehicle acting suspiciously in the area of the shop a few days before the burglary? Or perhaps you have CCTV - if you do does it cover any of the roads into or out of the village? If so, it may have picked up this vehicle being driven at sometime around the 3am time into or out of the village. Could we ask you to check your CCTV please! If you have any information at all please contact PC Reid directly, all calls are handled in the strictest of confidence. This is one of a number of similar crimes of this nature in North Hampshire that CID is investigating. 

In Mapledurwell, overnight on February 17/18 a theft of a black boxing punch bag occurred. It was taken from the rear garden of a house near the Pond in Tunworth Road. If you can assist with any information at all concerning sightings of anything /anyone or a vehicle acting suspiciously in any of these areas at the relevant times please contact PC Reid.

There have been an increased number of thefts taking place recently including: a non dwelling burglary at a building site in Axford a metal container was broken overnight on February 22/23 resulting in some tools being stolen. At Audleys Wood Hotel on the A339 between February 20th and 23rd some computer equipment was stolen and a theft of a red Kazuma Jaguar 500 quad bike.

In Bradley overnight on March 3/4 someone made an attempt to break into a parked, secure and unattended caravan at the former Egg Farm, whilst damage was caused they failed to get inside.

You may be aware that sadly on Thursday, March 3, a 'Piebald' grey and white pony, less than 12 month old, was found dead having died of neglect. The animal had deliberately been buried under some wood and branches off a by-way near Preston Candover. There was no identification on the pony be it a chip, freeze burn marks etc., nothing whatsoever, however enquiries are continuing.

PC Reid asks all residents to please be aware of this current increase in reported crime within our area and asks that all outbuildings be kept secure, garages not left open when no one is in or working within them. Please record all serial numbers where possible and for expensive machinery please photograph it for your records. These are precautions just in case!

PC Reid wishes to place on record his sincere thanks to the many local people who assisted him during the flooding that occurred on the night of 7th February in Ellisfield and Axford, your help was greatly appreciated.

PC Reid has also carried out speed enforcement in Newnham, Bradley and Upton Grey during the period of this report. 7 drivers were warned regarding their speed and one has had enforcement action taken against him.

Officers are issuing advice to motorists after a suspicious incident in Basingstoke in which a woman was offered cash. The incident took place at around midday on Thursday, March 10, on the A30 by junction 7 of the M3 near Basingstoke. A man flagged down a woman and said he would give her £150 later if she gave him £20 cash. She did not give him money and as she drove off, she saw him flagging down other motorists. She then reported the incident to the police. The man was by a blue Peugeot car. He is described as being Asian, aged in his 40s, around 5ft 5ins tall, of stocky build and wore a navy blue suit with a pink shirt and tie.
What can you do? If you spot anyone acting suspiciously in this way at the roadside, please call police immediately. If possible, please take down the registration number of the vehicle. If you suspect someone’s request for help isn’t genuine, don’t be afraid to refuse, especially if you think that person is trying to scam you, and call the police immediately. If you have been a victim and haven’t yet come forward, please contact the police as soon as possible because you may be able to help with their enquiries and trace the people doing this. Anyone with information about this incident should contact police on 101 quoting 44160097725 or contact via the website http://www.hampshire.police.uk/internet/do-it-online/online-forms/message-for-officer.html

During January there was a report concerning malicious calls being received by a resident in Cliddesden. It is important we draw your attention to an increasing numbers of telephone scams being reported.  An elderly lady received a call from people pretending to be Police Officers.  They told her there had been fraudulent activity within her bank account and wanted her to withdraw £5000 and not tell anyone for 3 days.  Luckily the lady recognised it as a scam and hung up. Please remember the following advice if you receive a suspicious phone call:
> NEVER give details of your bank account, credit or debit card or PIN number. Your bank or the Police will NEVER ask for this.
> Never accept offers over the phone “if they sound too good to be true, they usually are”.
> Report any suspicious calls to your telephone provider, as most will block anonymous callers.
> If you think something is wrong, hang up the phone.

If you can assist with any information concerning any of the above incidents please do not hesitate to contact PC Reid directly on the numbers below, all calls are treated in the strictest of confidence:

DD:   01256 389050
Mob: 07768 776844

Many thanks as always for your continued support and your vigilance it is very much appreciated!

Jane Hannah

Jane’s Contact Details:
Landline: 01256 381138, Mob: 07802 788 833
Email: jane.hannah1@btinternet.com

"Jane’s Watch" (posted to this website on February 16, 2016)

Dear Residents,

During January, just outside of Dummer there was a report of an attempted break in of an industrial unit during the night of 20th/21st January. PC Reid is very pleased to report that the thieves failed to get inside and left empty handed.

PC Reid would like to place on record his sincere thanks to the very many local people who assisted him during the flooding that occurred on the night of February 7th in Ellisfield and Axford, your help was gratefully appreciated!

As promised, below are the yearly crime figures for the Parishes covered by this magazine. Sadly, you will see an increase in criminal activity for all four Parishes compared with the same period of reported crime figures of 2014. Hampshire Constabulary and indeed other Police Forces have changed the way of recording crime, which may have affected some of these statistics. However, we must acknowledge and be aware that these crimes did take place and must be taken seriously. The figures below are ONLY those deemed by the Home Office as a crime and as such drink driving, traffic offences, poaching, speeding, etc. are deemed as Summary Offences and are not included in these statistics.

For each Parish PC Reid has included below both the 2014 and 2015 figures to allow for comparison and has provided a brief breakdown of what the crimes were.

Cliddesden: 19 crimes (11 in 2014)

Breakdown: Non dwelling burglaries, sheds etc.(1); Domestic incidents (2); Possession of illegal drugs (3); Possession of imitation weapons (1); Harassment (1); Criminal Damage (4); Including a car that hit a fence in Woods Lane whilst the driver was under the influence of drink and damage caused to a car window parked at the school. Theft (1); bicycles were stolen from the rear of a vehicle. Assaults (1); a Public Order Offence (shouting, being abusive in a public place etc.) (1); Other offences (3); these included a Laser pen being pointed at a Chinook helicopter at night and a Robbery where a man was found in a kitchen of a house.

Ellisfield: 10 crimes (2 in 2014)

Breakdown: Theft from a motor vehicle (1); Theft (1) when pheasant feeders were stolen, a short time later several rare breed chickens were stolen from Herriard not too far away! Non Dwelling Burglary (1); Possession of Illegal Drugs (2); Criminal Damage (5); these consisted of damage to a fence allowing a horse to escape onto a road and four cases where poachers have driven over growing crops whilst looking for / chasing deer and hares.

Dummer: 13 crimes (12 in 2014)

Breakdown: Theft of a trailer from a rear garden (1); Possession of Illegal Drugs (3); two incidents were when a car with a defective light was stopped and drugs were found inside and the other on the M3 when a car was stopped for speeding. Assaults (2); both were dog bite incidents and both were resolved without further likelihood of a similar occurrence. Non-dwelling burglary (5); there were three in Bible Fields in one night, a further case in Farleigh Lane and another in Dummer Down Lane.

Farleigh Wallop: 3 crimes (2 in 2014)

Breakdown: Assault (1); a family incident; Criminal Damage (2); sadly both were at St Andrews and both involved the breaking of windows in the Church.

Overall, across the twenty-two parishes that make up PC Reid’s pre April 2015 beat area, 120 crimes were reported in 2014. For the same area in 2015 this rose to 142. PC Reid is pleased however to report that the burglary of sheds and outbuildings, etc. fell from 28 in 2014 to 24 in 2015 and for theft it fell from 21 cases in 2014 to 18 in 2015. However, sadly burglary of homes increased from 2 in 2014 to 3 in 2015 and  for one incident several men from London were arrested and charged. Criminal Damage also rose from 22 cases in 2014 to 31 in 2015 and again this is in part due to poachers driving over and ruining growing crops.

Please rest assured that we do live in a very safe area, however, if you have any concerns about these figures do let PC Reid know and he will be happy to explain them to you in more detail.  

Many thanks for your continued support as always and your vigilance it is very much appreciated!

Jane Hannah

Jane’s Contact Details:
Landline: 01256 381138, Mob: 07802 788 833
Email: jane.hannah1@btinternet.com

"Jane’s Watch" (posted to this website on January 21, 2016)

Dear Residents,

With Christmas and the New Year now along way behind us we would like to advise you that thankfully only one crime was reported during the period of mid December 2015 to mid January 2016 within the area of this magazine. The crime reported was that criminal damage was caused to St Andrews Church, Farleigh Wallop where a window was broken by a golf ball, which was found inside the church. The police are aware that the damage was caused between December 13th and 15th. PC Reid is appealing for any information please and as always all calls will be treated in the strictest of confidence.

Slightly further a field on the wet and windy night of 30th / 31st December 2015, a store was broken into at Moundsmere, Preston Candover.  On the same night three field fences were also cut and a vehicle was driven up to the site of a new house in Bradley. It is suspected that the vehicle involved was a Suzuki 4 x 4 registration V254 H**. If anyone saw this vehicle on that night or has any other information that may be of help please call PC Reid directly.

PC Reid would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank everyone who assisted with the recent flooding in Ellisfield. Mr Andrea and Robert Brine of Moundsmere Estates who after only one call arranged for a digger to come out and open parts of the verges to allow water to escape and for hay bales to be used to prevent flooding to homes. Chris Allen at Hill Farm for his valuable help and input to the County Council Highways Engineer concerning locations of drains, pipes etc.  All your help and swift assistance is very much appreciated by all.

PC Reid is noticing as he drives around the parishes that some residents are leaving their garages open. He kindly asks that if you are out or the garage is not in use please consider closing the doors down to prevent people seeing what you have inside and perhaps 'calling in' as a very unwelcome visitor.

Thank you for your vigilance!!

Jane Hannah

Jane’s Contact Details:
Landline: 01256 381138, Mob: 07802 788 833
Email: jane.hannah1@btinternet.com

"Jane’s Watch" (posted to this website on November 14, 2015)

Dear Residents,

As we rapidly approach the Festive Season many of us may have an increased number of valuables (presents) in our homes, please take the precautions highlighted last month to ensure all is being done to protect and secure your homes, especially when you are way from home – thank you.


It is suspected that three crimes took place during the same period. Overnight on the 8th/9th November a shed was broken into at a house in Farleigh Lane where a chainsaw was stolen, whilst at the other end of the village at the top end of Dummer Down Lane a further shed was entered into and a mountain bike was stolen, on the same night at Dummer Down Farm a van was also broken into. PC Reid is asking for your help please! If anyone saw or heard anything suspicious that night in either Farleigh Lane or Dummer Down Lane please call PC Reid directly.  All calls are treated in the strictest of confidence.


Between 8th and 14th October a garden shed was broken into at a house in Basingstoke Road, opposite Southlea, nothing was stolen in this incident but again if anyone can help with any information at all please call PC Reid directly in the strictest of confidence.

Ellisfield & Moundsmere

In both areas there were further crop fields driven across by poachers looking for deer and hares. Additionally in Ellisfield there were two reports received of a white transit van travelling around the village with men behaving suspiciously. The information was most helpful, thank you to those residents that called in.

Basingstoke Area

It is very important for residents to be aware of an increase in house burglaries in the area. There appears to be two types of burglaries being committed with several properties being attacked. In the first type thieves are looking just for jewellery and not taking anything else. In the second type, which has been linked to several burglaries in the Winchester and Basingstoke area, in each case it has been reported that two young men have knocked the door of a home and then managed to get inside after the occupant has opened the door to them. They have then proceeded to search the address and steal items before leaving. All occupants have had money and jewellery stolen. One victim also had their car stolen; a silver Volkswagen Golf. None of the victims have suffered any injuries and the incidents have occurred between 6.00pm and 8.30pm.

Important Information: The Northern Investigation Team are advising residents not to open their doors to anyone they don’t know. If you are able to - check who is at the door before opening it to ensure it is someone you know. If it isn’t, don’t risk it. If the caller has a genuine enquiry they will understand your refusal to engage with them. It is thought these people are asking bogus questions in order to get the occupants attention.  Ignore them and keep a chain on your door if possible.

Burglary of homes is thankfully very rare in our parishes, in 2014 we had two and a man was arrested and sent to prison. HOWEVER, PC Reid again asks all residents to take simple steps to maintain their security, leave lights and a radio or TV on, make the house look occupied when you are out.

PC Reid and myself would like to sincerely thank you all for your continued support during the year which is appreciated greatly, and we wish you all a very safe and Happy Christmas.

Jane Hannah

Jane’s Contact Details:
Landline: 01256 381138, Mob: 07802 788 833
Email: jane.hannah1@btinternet.com

"Jane’s Watch" (posted to this website on October 13, 2015)

Dear Residents,

Autumn is upon us, bringing with it longer hours of darkness as the evenings draw in. PC Reid requests residents to please consider carefully the security of your homes, especially when you are away from home, even if it is just for one day. Please think about security options such as light timers, which are excellent, leaving your lights on, perhaps a radio on and closing your curtains, etc.

Reports have been received of criminal damage occurring to crops in both Berrydown Lane and Axford Road. A 4x4 vehicle was driven across growing crops whilst the occupants were poaching for hares or deer. PC Reid is appealing to all residents that if you should see any such vehicle driving across fields late at night - please immediately call the Police on 999 as it is a crime happening at that time.
Anyone scheduled to be out and about on farm land at such times have previously contacted the Police to inform them that they will be doing so, therefore, it can be cross checked. Whilst some people may not believe poaching is as important as other crimes, it is a proven fact that where poaching / illegal hare coursing offences take place, the burglary of outbuildings and other theft occur shortly afterwards.

Slightly out of the area of our magazine but still in close proximity of our parishes a theft occurred in Bagmore Lane, Herriard. During the night of Saturday September 19th 2015 and Sunday September 20th 2015, a large number of chickens, drinkers and feeders along with a chicken fenced pen were stolen. PC Reid is fully aware that the padlock was broken off the gate at the A339 leading onto the old cricket field by the old School and the thieves used this point to drive a vehicle into the field. He is also aware of a large amount of noise heard in the Bagmore Lane area about 9:30pm on the Saturday evening.
However, he does need
your help please! If anyone saw or heard anything suspicious, or a vehicle entering or leaving the old cricket field please call PC Reid directly. All calls are treated in the strictest of confidence.

The Cliddesden Community Speed Watch group are now fully operational., Myself and PC Reid would like to wish them great success and thank them all for their time in volunteering to monitor traffic speeds through the village. 

Many thanks for all your vigilance!!

Jane Hannah

Jane’s Contact Details:
Landline: 01256 381138, Mob: 07802 788 833
Email: jane.hannah1@btinternet.com

"Jane’s Watch" (posted to this website on September 20, 2015)

Dear Residents,

August and early September has seen an increase in the number of incidents reported in the parishes covered by the Hill & Dale magazine. Please continue to be vigilant and report anything you see which is suspicious.


PC Reid is urgently appealing for witnesses or any information concerning a theft of a trailer, which took place at approximately 01.30am on Sunday August 30th 2015 from the rear garden of a house in Bible Fields, Dummer. The trailer was pulled down through the field behind Bible Fields towards the Axford Road. If you can help with any information at all please call PC Reid direct – all calls are treated in the strictest of confidence.

Recently Police Officers stopped a car in Down Street, Dummer where two men were found in possession of Cannabis. Both have been subject to enforcement action.


Recently, the Portsmouth Estate Security Officer (PESO) saw three men in a car near the Primary School. After the PESO made initial contact with them they drove up a bank and around him. PC Reid was alerted, at the time he was heading up Church Lane as they were coming down, when the men saw PC Reid they drove to the rear of the pond into the Black Barn complex, passing through a closed wooden gate before hitting two staddle stones and decamping. A Police Dog tracked the men across fields and over the footbridge into the Viables estate where they were arrested after the dog found them hiding in bushes.

The three men arrested are from Basingstoke; two are very well known criminals. One man has been charged with the damage and various motoring offences, whilst another was cautioned for the possession of drugs.

This incident clearly continues to highlight that we are susceptible to visits from criminals to our parishes and we must ensure we secure and protect our property.

Preston Candover

On Saturday, September 12, at approximately 4.00am, a tack room was broken into. Sadly there has been reported an increase in equine related thefts and suspicious incidents involving Equine Centre’s and stables, etc. An important note for all horse owners is to please ensure all tack is post coded and photographed for future reference. Call PC Reid directly if you require items to be post coded.

Please do continue to report anything suspicious you see and if you have any information which could be helpful please contact PC Reid directly or Police 101 (the police non–emergency number)

Jane Hannah

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