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Ellisfield Rights of Way

Rights of Way

One of Ellisfield's Bluebell WalksRight of Way Path, EllisfieldAll Rights of Way are the responsibility of the Recreation Department of Hampshire County Council. In Ellisfield, the County Council delegated maintenance work of the paths to a small group of volunteers under the Hampshire Paths Partnership but this has now ceased.

Anyone who has spent time looking at an Ordnance Survey map can't fail to be intrigued at the history behind those green coloured lines crisscrossing the countryside. Rights of Way connecting Church to Inn are easily understood but when a path seems to start and end in the middle of nowhere - that's when it gets interesting!

In Ellisfield, we have twelve Rights of Way. Quite a few allow you to join the paths up; even if you have to walk on a public road for a bit. Working clockwise, our twelve Rights of Way are as follows:

If you want further information or if you want to report any problems, please talk to the Clerk (or any councillor) of Ellisfield Parish Council (contact details HERE) or to this website’s editor, Paul Turner (contact details can be found at the foot of every page).

NEWS (new section, started Jul 14, 2016)

Wed Aug 3, 2016: The Kit Lane Right of Way Byway

Click image to display larger version ...The lower half of the Kit Lane byway (which runs from Bell Lane down to the Axford Road) has become very rutted (click on picture to display a larger image) and in a number of places it’s very hard to walk on, and impossible for two people to walk side by side.

It looks as though there were two causes. The first is that because it is a byway (strictly speaking it’s a “BOAT”, that is a Byway Open to All Traffic) motorbikes and 4x4s have churned up the top layer of soil, exposing the flint core. Then, secondly, rainwater has carried flints and large stones downhill, thus creating the deep ruts.

Andrew Aitken, our area’s Senior Countryside Access Ranger of the Hampshire Countryside Service, last week walked Kit Lane and agreed that the condition of this byway deserved further investigation, especially as Kit Lane is an important section of the “3 Castles Path” (see News Item below).

Tue Aug 2, 2016: The “3 Castles Path” via Ellisfield

A new edition of the 3 Castles Path booklet has just been published and is available from Amazon UK for £7.99. This booklet uses maps, text and photos to fully describe a 60 mile route from Windsor to Winchester, via Odiham and Ellisfield, using mainly Rights of Way paths and byways. There is also a new 3 Castles Path website.

The Ellisfield section starts at the A339, down the “Alley Lane” path which comes out beside the Memorial Hall. It then takes the path from the corner of Furzen Lane to College Lane, then down Bell Lane and then turns right down the Kit Lane byway (see NEWS ITEM above) to the Axford Road. It then leaves Ellisfield, taking the permissive path on the opposite side of the road and then on to Bradley.

Thu July 14, 2016: Gates Installed On The ZigZag Path

Two kissing gates were installed on July 14 and 15 on the ZigZag path, to replace the existing stiles. Walkers who find stiles difficult to climb or those with dogs can now cross the fenced College Farm paddock with ease.

Many thanks to Adrian de Ferranti for giving his permission. Also a grateful thanks to Andrew Aitkken (Senior Countryside Access Ranger of Hampshire County Council’s “Countryside Service”) for arranging the supply of the two gates.

The picture (see right) is of the gate being installed at the College Lane end by Mitch Webb and Beth Webber of the Countryside Service’s installation team.